RAGE technical problems and fixes

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Alright folks, time to get down to business. You are here for probably one of three reasons: either you purchased RAGE for the PC sometime over the last year, couldn't play it due to all the bugs and crashes and left it collecting dust on your shelf. Or you could, like me, have just recently picked up RAGE and are busy manhandling all the problems that youre experiencing and don't want to go it alone. Or finally; you could be checking this out because you track my blog - which I thank you for, as I always appreciate friendly folk such as yourself reading my blogs.

Right so, I am going to structure this forum topic a little differently. Instead of posting one long message on all the problems I have encountered and their respective solutions that have worked for me, I am going to break down each problem into different messages, starting from what may or may not be the very first problem we all encounter; and we can all reply on each specific problem within its respective message.

Take note though; I am going to run through all the problems that I have experienced over my time with RAGE, and the fixes I implemented to get it working again. What I post here may differ to what you have been or are experiencing and my fixes may not work for you; so please feel warmly welcome to post your own problems and fixes on this forum. Only with our combined knowledge can we save the world and raise Azgard from the ashes...

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Minimum Specs and CD Key Validation

This is where it started for me - right at the beginning. While this may sound like captain obvious speaking; you have to make sure that your PC can handle id Tech 5. Regardless of what id Software may have told us; RAGE only likes the powerful machines. Its a safe bet that you should completely disregard the minimum specs stated and focus solely on the recommended specs to at least get your game working. Unlike other games, which are a little more forgiving when your machine doesnt meet the requirements - RAGE will take your machine behind a shed, have its way with it and then leave it to fend for itself. Thats a very sad and disgusting image there; but even on my pretty cool machine; RAGE completely messed up the graphics drivers and left me trying to get a signal from my box to my monitor in Safe-Mode!

At the time of launch, nVidia cards were the only makes that RAGE would even play nice with - ATi folk were left for dead not even being able to ge the game going in the worst cases. This may have been a year ago; but it is important to keep this in mind should you still be experiencing problems today. Having said that though. the nVidia clan also suffered quite badly. Easiest fix to this: Download the latest drivers, wipe any remains of the old drivers (best to do this job in safe mode), and install the latest drivers fresh. I dont have a dual-card setup, for me simply installing the latest drivers had a good effect; if you are running a dual-card setup, you may be experiencing things differently - please post any issues you may have experienced here and your fixes.

RAGE doesnt like old or weak cards - I am currently running a two year old GTX 480 and RAGE seems to be in two minds about my card. However, having said that - Id like to find out from you guys if you experienced things differently or is my card truly showing its age.

Take note as well: RAGE requires STEAM in order validate its a legit copy and for all its updates and achievment tracking. If you come from a country like mine where internet is slow and bandwith is still capped - you need to make the conscious decision if you still want to get/play this game. This requirement was never stated for me on the box, so I didnt know and kinda feel shafted.

So, now that you've checked your system, installed the latest drivers and are happy with STEAM being your game management monkey; its time to install the game. There were two versions of RAGE shipped, as far as I know, the USA version and the European version. Unless you have a major retailer such as Gamestop that probably monitors the versions it stocks - you could land up with either. You must make sure before purchasing the game, if you can, that you are getting the right version - more specifically; NOT the European version. I was unlucky enough to land up with the European version, which comes with a nice snag to it - STEAM struggles to validate the CD Keys for European copies. I later found out this hasnt only happened to me, but hundreds of people across the globe. To solve this; you have one of three options: 1.) Get a refund, dont purchase another copy of RAGE. 2.) Contact STEAM. 3.) spend the next 3 hours, like me, clicking on the validate button waiting for STEAM to eventually sort itself out.

If you chose option (1).... If you chose option (2): It will take quite a while, but STEAM will get back to you. Hoever, they arent going to make this easy for you, the paying customer - you will be required to send them pictures of your disc, your box from all angles, and the CD Key. After which you will have to wait again to receive another reply and even then you may never truly get to play the game. If you chose option (3): Either I love id Software too much, or I am still an old school gamer at heart - youre playing Russian Roulette here; there is literally a 50/50 chance that you will get this working and it could either take you hours or a very short time. It took me 3 hours of endless rechecking and validating and missing a good nights sleep just to validate the bloody game! In short though, the sad truth is, there was no real solution to this problem - more of a choice and hoping to G-D it all works out. Oh and its also important to note that eggheads at STEAM still arent too interested in fixing the European problems with their system; the issue still persists.

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Patches and Graphical Settings

Assuming at this point you managed to get through all the other problems that I posted about before, or even the problems that you experienced that I didnt know about - you are now officially onto the next stage. Welcome. Hard copies of RAGE dont ship patched up, so you are forced to download them. STEAM will automatically so this for you before allowing you to play - which is actually a very good thing. As far as I could see it; the patches didnt have any other major effect other than allow me to tweak my graphics settings, so if you guys would like to jump in here and help me out with the amount of improvements the patches brought with them, you are warmly welcome. Having unlocked the options to finally tweak the graphics settings; you can now tailor-run the game the best way for your rig. Initially id Software developedid Tech 5 to force the game to run at a constant 60fps, which is why the graphics options were disabled. The truth is though, RAGE does this shockingly - so it was a no brainer that the options would be unlocked. However, RAGE's graphic options are actually quite weird. Theres this thing called GPU Transencode, anti-aliasing seems to crash the game - why offer all this crap??

Apparently not every GPU can handle the GPU Transencode option. I dont even know what it does, all I know is that it broke my drivers and forced me back into safe mode once again to fix my poor PC. With it off however the game seemed to run a lot more stable. If any of you guys know what this option actually does - please let me know!

Another trick I learnt after diggin into the interwebs is that RAGE doesnt make its own cache folder - which doesnt give it a place to store all its data. The joke of the century. Mega-textures this, advanced AI that, but a cache file? BIIIIIICH PLEEEASE!! WINDOWS 7 => (C:/)/Users/YourName/AppData/Local/id software/rage

WINDOWS XP => Documents and Settings\userid\Local Settings\Application Data\id Software\rage

Making a cache folder for RAGE had a great impact in the games stability so I highly suggest you guys make one.

In the end though, if the game keeps crashing no matter what you have tried - pull out your graphics card and take a look at the gold connectors; I was unlucky enough to find one erroding away.

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Couple of tips from me. I run a AMD 5850 and Phenom x2 955

1. Command line tweaks
Optional - go to Steam > Rage > Right Click > Properties
Set Launch Options
+r_swapInterval 1 +cvaradd g_fov 10 +set com_skipIntroVideo 1 +m_smooth 0 +m_rawinput 1

Note g_fov = 90 degree FOV, it works from 80. If you want 100 you set to 20 and so on. This skips intro vid and improves mouse input.

2. Config file tweaks
Go to - D:\Steam\steamapps\common\rage\base

Make new text file "Rageconfig.cfg" and past the following text and then save and start the game (If you are running 512MB card then change 8192 to 4096):

seta image_usecompression "0"
seta image_anisotropy "4"
seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 "8192"
seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly "8192"
seta vt_pageimagesizeunique "8192"
seta vt_pageimagesizevmtr "8192"
seta vt_maxppf "16"
seta vt_maxlockedpages "256"
seta vt_minlod "-2"
seta vt_lodBias "-2"
seta vt_maxaniso "2"
seta vt_qualityhdplossless "1"
seta vt_qualityhdppower "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpspecular "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpnormal "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpdiffuse "0"
seta vt_qualitydctpower "100"
seta vt_qualitydctspecular "100"
seta vt_qualitydctnormal "100"
seta vt_qualitydctchroma "100"
seta vt_qualitydctluma "100"
seta vt_restart

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Im going to give that config edit a try tonight; Ill post back how it goes.

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STEAM Verify Game Intergrity

I almost forgot to mention this, which is quite stupid of me as its the one 'fix' that seemed to solve the majority of problems for me. Once you've managed to download and update STEAM - verify the games integrity (could also be called 'verify game cache'), always run this before playing the game. STEAM will automatically download and reinstall any missing or corrupt files and get the game working again.