Take your life back.

You wake up in an insane asylum. A dead body is on the floor and someone named Leo wants you to follow him so you both can escape. The patients of the asylum are out, and they are slaughtering everyone in their path. There is a syringe on the floor in the hallway, and on the other side is a doctor trying to open the door. You pick up the syringe, sneak up to the doctor, and end his life. These are the first 5 minutes of Manhunt 2, and as soon as the first level is done, you'll never want to put your PSP away. Manhunt 2 is a dark and disturbing game. You play as Daniel Lamb, and you have to figure out what happened to you and your friend Leo. In the game there will be twists and turns, but unfortunately the main twist I saw coming as soon as I beat the very first level, and if you pay attention, you will too. The game will take you through the dirty hallways of an insane asylum to a typical happy neighborhood, and all of these places look and sound great. This game has some of the best looking graphics on the PSP, and that's even with the grainy filter that the game decides to have. Manhunt 2 is part stealth, part run and gun, and all fun. The stealth mechanics are solid and the executions are cool to pull off. If you don't know what the executions are, I'll tell you. Executions are special kills you can do when you have a weapon equipped and are behind an enemy. There are 3 levels of executions. The first level is not very gory, the second is a little more gory, and the third is "I didn't think this was allowed in a video game" gory. But even though the executions are very violent, the game has a flashing red and black and white filter every time you do an execution. You can still kind of see what's going on, but not as clearly as you would in Manhunt 1. I actually thought the filter was a good fit as the main character questions his sanity. And since we're on the topic of executions, there are also environmental executions. Sticking an enemy in an iron maiden or hitting him with a telephone are just 2 of the many awesome environmental executions. When you are not sneaking around, that usually means you have a gun and are blasting your way through an army of men. The shooting consists of a lock on system that lets you aim for the head when you are close enough to an enemy. The guns have their own executions too, and among the guns are pistols, snipers, shotguns, and machine guns. Manhunt 2 is a great game with an exciting story, great game play, and awesome graphics. If you like stealth, if you like shooting, and if you like a great story, this game is for you.