Race Driver: Create & Race Cheats For DS

  1. Track designer unlockable parts

    You can purchase extra parts to use in the track designer in the rewards shop.

    Code Effect
    Beat tier 13 Street style
    Purchase 'street style' Track pieces 9-32

    Contributed by: flat_tyre 

  2. Unlock Pro Tour mode

    Pro Tour mode is a harder mode where you can only use manual gears and the AI are of a harder difficulty.

    Code Effect
    100% completion in World Tour mode Pro Tour mode

    Contributed by: flat_tyre 

  3. Cheat Codes

    Enter the codes under Extras -> Cheat Codes

    Code Effect
    505303 No Damage
    171923 Free Drive
    761492 All Championships
    112337 All Rewards
    942785 All Challenges
    611334 Easy Steering
    374288 Miniature Cars
    467348 MM View

    Contributed by: Akseru