Rabbids Go Home Cheats For Wii

  1. Chuck Norris Picture

    In the level High Stakes Steak if you go down the stairs from where the first blow rabbid is and go into the room with a pipe and two orange verminators guarding it, there is a picture of Chuck Norris on the right wall

    Contributed by: Brandonsp 

  2. Unlockable Rabbids

    To enter the codes. You can select "Rabbid in the Wii Remote" from the main menu. When your inside you will click Menu and after that you will click Manage Rabbids and then you Will click View Managed Rabbids. In this menu hold C+Z on your Nunchuck and enter the the code from below.

    Code Effect
    2211AA11 Assassin Rabbid
    BBBBAAAA Splinter Cell Rabbid
    B11BA22A Best Buy Rabbid
    AA111122 Geek Squad Rabbid
    121212AA Prince Rabbid
    1122AA11 Leonardo Rabbid
    11111212 Kangaroo Rabbid

    Contributed by: Pokeneon7 

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