Bring back Quarantine for the next generation!

User Rating: 7.3 | Quarantine PC
This game maybe shouldn't be considered a lost classic but it certainly was ahead of it's time. It had some elements of Crazy Taxi and the GTA series, but in a dark futuristic city. Equip your car with weapons, dirtbag citizens will pay fares for rides or deeds, unlock new areas of the city as the story expands. I don't remember the details but it it played like Doom in a car and it was alot of fun for it's time.

Kind of got lost in the shuffle as PC games evolved, but I think it could work really well with next gen gameplay. Like Full Auto, but fun. Throw in the oppressive dystopia setting, add impressive physics and sandbox gameplay to a violent cyberpunk storyline with interesting characters and Quarantine's ambitious concept could could be revived as a really excellent next generation title.