Released in '94

User Rating: 1 | Quarantine PC
Quarantine is a driving simulator which most probably what is the fundamentals of GTA. Well this Quarantine and Mad Max. Quarantine is a driver sim where you play some obviously deranged psychopathic taxi driver, driving around a dark ass city and shooting other cars and pedestrians from out his window with an Uzi 9 mm. The game is unplayable now, if you find a machine that will run it true to its original specs (good luck finding that machine) then you will quickly become bored of the graphics, sound effects and hunting down a quick java or flash game on the internet will be more rewarding.
I rated a game a 6.0 as of the day I played it, which was in 95, but due to the games market growing highly sophisticated this game would only receive a 1.0
It was the benchmark of tactical driving killing games. Next as far as I am aware was the gruesome Carmageddon, which might wet your gaming appetite a little more than Quarantine.

Check it out on Youtube thats all you really need to do.