Love the graphics but the gameplay isn't for everyone...

This is NOT a real metal gear game. I don't count it as one, and I wont count MGA:2 as one either. Really want them to make MGS for psp. Then they could put the MG games in it too as ubnlockable extras. That would be ideal but they gave us this... However if you ignore the fact that this is supposed to be Metal gear, it's acually quite fun. The graphcis are very good, sound is perfect, the dialouge isn't too long it's a pretty decent game. The battle system is a little flawed and unresponsive but that might be b/c I dropped my psp. all in all this IS a good game definately a rent proabably not a buy. Anyway this one is at leaest worth to be cecked out. Borrow it from a friend at the least.