Amazing game for it's time... and still fun!!

I remember when i first played this game back in 98, this game was amazing! The graphics were awesome for that time. This DOS game kept me playing for hours every day for weeks. The puzzles were all real world challenges and were real fun to figure out. The controls were also pretty good.
I played this game a little bit ago and found my self loving this game again almost as I did when I first played it. This game, I feel, is a must have, even today! The envoronments and mood of this game just keep you hooked!
Though it is not the hardest game I have played, it sure is tough. Some times you think you are ready to advance, and pend so much time dieing thinking you almost had it, but you never would, cause you missed a little something from before, and now are stuck, though you just don't see it.
Though most systems don't use DOS, and the game is not
compatible with most modern sound cards, you can use DOS-Box to run it perfectly.
This game is a must own then... and now!