Qlione Evolve Cheats For PS3

  1. Qlione 1 Trophies

    There are 4 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Complete Stage 2 in under 130 seconds. Conception
    Complete Stage 4 in under 270 seconds. Transportation
    Complete Stage 6 in under 230 seconds. Continuation
    Complete all stages. Completion
    Fuse 5000 orbs. Fusion
    Create an energy orb worth at least 10 lives. Consolidation
    Destroy 5000 enemy parts. Destruction
    Finish the game in under 2000 seconds. Quicklione
    Finish the game with at least 20 lives left. Equalia
    Finish the game without using any continues. Evolvia

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Qlione 2 Trophies

    There are 5 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, and 2 Gold Trophies.

    Code Effect
    Evolve 5 times. Cell Division
    Evolve to Rafflesia. Corpse Flower
    Evolve to Medusa. Das Medusenhaupt
    Evolve to every form on the Green Item Evolutionary Path. Tree of Life
    Evolve to every form on the Red Item Evolutionary Path. On the Origin of Species
    Beat the game. New Generation
    Beat the game in 1000 seconds or less. Fast Mutation
    Evolve to Orochi. Protein Rich
    Evolve to God Hand. Mikami Petal
    Finish the game in the Clione form. Inherited Traits
    Play as every form in one game. Evolutionary Chart

    Contributed by: Guard Master