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  • First Released 1982
    • Arcade Games
    • Atari 2600
    • + 13 more
    • Atari 5200
    • Atari 8-bit
    • Colecovision
    • Commodore 64
    • Dreamcast
    • Game Boy Color
    • Intellivision
    • Macintosh
    • PC
    • PlayStation
    • PS3
    • TI-99/4A
    • VIC-20
    The game just doesn't have enough substance to last more than a day.
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    Developed by:
    Gottlieb, Western Technologies, Inc., Parker Bros., Artech Digital Entertainment, Pipe Dream Interactive, Parker Bros, Roklan
    Published by:
    Gottlieb, Parker Bros., Parker Bros, Hasbro Interactive, MacSoft, Atari, Sony Online Entertainment
    Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
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