While the campaign is linear and somewhat predictable, the action is organic and the AI is, well - seriously diabolical!

User Rating: 8.5 | Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC
The Puzzle Quest franchise has developed and defined a game category all its own and Galactrix takes it up a notch. I believe Gamespot blew it in their review of Galactrix. This, of course, is subjective. However, as a high-ranking and well-respected game review site, at the very least they could have - no, should have - provided an open-ended approach to delivering their review.

Galactrix provides no predictable or memorizable way of "mastering" the battle sequences, which I believe is the reason for complaints from those who can't figure out how to ascend the learning curve. Yes, there is a significant amount "randomness" implemented into the AI and, even more so, the puzzle board. As such, there is no "one size fits all" approach to winning the battles. In other words, there is a perpetual learning curve.

This game is played on its terms - not the players. Hmmm . . . now that's innovative! It's about time a game company took a risk by introducing a gaming genre it knew wouldn't be embraced wholeheartedly, but would have more of a cult following. Yes, this has been done before, but not this well.

This game is inspired and I say BRAVO! Keep up the good work. It may not be a mainstream slam-dunk in the current realm of gaming, but it is a future classic!