More luck involved. Harder than previous. Something missing. Still addictive though.

User Rating: 6 | Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC
A disappointment compared to the previous game in the series. Takes the mechanics and just tweaks them.

The game play is easy to get into but hard to master. It now takes more thinking before each move since you can move six different ways. It feels that a lot of luck is involved as well. There are way to many times where you are winning but the AI does one move and you are now even or losing. The "cheating" AI of the previous game has been improved but there are still situations where the AI knows what's coming.

There is no way to check how much experience you need to evolve to the next level. This is standard in rpg. A lot of mini-games but they are all the same. A lot of upgrade options are available for ships. In fact you have three ships. This makes it like you have three different characters to control in the one game.

Most importantly it is still very addictive. Even when the AI is kicking your butt, you will come back for more.