Metal Gear Solid, changes the PS1 forever.

Metal Gear Solid, theres a lot of stories that circulate on the consept of this game, some saying how great and respected it is. But in other people's eyes this game is another run of the mill game. But everybody has there own opinion and game tastes. But this game in my eyes is a true masterpiece, one of the most deep and indepth storylines in the history of video gaming. Either way the critics look at it they all come to a conclusion that this game is vital in the continuing change in the gaming generation.

The Gameplay in this game is overall very good, and keeps you wanting more, but the only problem that everyone has mentioned, is that the storyline should be that bit more longer. But this game is already two disks long and a decent amount long, in my opinion its the gamers who are wishing that the game was longer so they could have continued to play on and see when happens to snake at the end of the game. Which has two very exiting and romatic endings, each consists on what action you take on a certain part of the game.

The Graphics in this game, are pretty much what you would expect on a PS1, nice straight to the point graphics, not to much to distract you from the game. And by that i mean. They were great....in the year of release. But know when you look back at it you think yeh they could have been better. But hey the graphical value is not what makes a great game great. When it was first released in late feburary 1999. These graphics are what all the competing game designiners were reaching to achive in there games. But yeh the graphics were good in there day. But now a days, you wouldnt be that impressed.

The sound quality in this game is stunning though, truely inspiring. For a game that was released before the millenium these graphics are really what you wouldnt have expected to be achived until a few years later. The sound in this game is meaning full, and full of life. The characters can now express there emotions the right way, instead of acting but the sound woulnt be enough to convince the player there real feelings.

This game is a mixture of combat assualt fighting and stealth. Parts of the game you are required to be stealthy while your weapons are disabled and not get cought by the un-suspecting guards. But in others you are just better off running in with your gun held high shooting your way through. Destroying who and what ever cross your path. But the balance between them is a good mixture.

The ending in this game is a first, it actually changes on how you have played the game untill that point. If you decide to make a certain decision in the game you will a certain ending. Were if you took the alternate decision you will have a completely different ending. One ending consists of your partner in the game (Meryl) being saved by you, were the other ending is were she dies. You will have to complete the game twice if you are planning on seeing both of the endings.

Overall this is a great game to play, there is so much to find and unlock, that it would take a few times playing through the game to fully understand your wearabouts and sircumstances. It is voted the third best game on the playstation and in my opinion it deserves to be there. But you should decide that for your self...