Its a lot more addictive than it might look.

User Rating: 8.5 | Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates PC
Its a lot more addictive than it might look. The game is not a masterpiece but it is a game worth playing. It has a lot of fun puzzles and features for example creating a crew, creating a shop, buying a house and buying furniture for your house.

Gameplay -9/10

Well puzzles might be frustrating at times because you can never get that ultimate trophy you've always wanted which is given to a player who does terrific at his station for a period of time compared to other players. The Parlor games like hearts,poker,spades, and drinking are very fun(well if you win I mean). There are also tournaments that can have an unlimited amount of players that can give you chance of winning a good prize. Creating a crew is not something you do right off the bat but it will make you feel great if it goes somewhere. Most of the players are usually cabin boys or pirates, but they work their way up into officers, fleet officers, and if your loyal to your captain you might be able to be a senior officer.

Graphics -8/10

The graphics aren't spectacular but they get the job right.


Not the best you'll hear in a game but it is not as bad as people say it to be.

Tilt -9/10

It does have a great tilt but i wouldn't give it a 10.

Value - 9/10

It really is worth what it is said to be.

This is truly a game worth playing.