This one sticks out from the crowd for the better.

User Rating: 8.1 | Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates PC
Puzzle Pirates is a great game. For one, it's unique, and you'll never find a game like it anywhere else. There are no beautifully rendered monsters in 3D. There are no huge fights that pit you sword to sword. It's a whole bunch of puzzles fit into a MMO with a pirate theme, and as crazy as it sounds, it works.

The puzzles take up the main aspect of gameplay. All of them require you to work fast for a better score or to beat the timer. There are three types of puzzles: ones that you do on ships, ones you do in shops, and "parlor games". The way each puzzle works does not have to do with its type (with the exception of parlor games, which are multiplayer), it just indicates where you can play a puzzle.

Once you put countless hours into the game, it can become less off a collection of puzzles and more of a MMO tycoon game. Those shops you worked for will now have people that work for you, and those officers you worked under will welcoming you as one of their own. It's not that you can't still play your favorite puzzle games, it's just that the game becomes much more serious.

One of my favorite aspects, though, is the economy. Never before have I seen such an almost flawless economy on any sort of MMO game. It pretty much feels real. It's quite hard to explain, and you'd have to play it for a while to understand what I'm talking about, too. If there is any flaw in it, it is probably in the fact that it is too real, as in the people getting the most money (the captain or officer of a ship) are more likely to be the ones doing the least bit of work, like some store managers, if you know what I mean. ;)

The graphics are pretty great for a 2D MMORPG. In fact, I was quite impressed on the feel of this game for awhile. It's definately a change from the gorey worlds of most games people play now a day, and if you don't like it at first, I garuntee you'll grow into it.

In terms of sound, this game is really lacking. Usually I just turn it off. There are a bit of pirate sound effects that can add to the atmisphere, but usually I like to consider my time playing this game as a good time to listen to music.

Overall, this is probably the most unique game to come out in years. It's almost like that puzzle game collection you have, but it's more. It's a wonderful experience that veteran gamers would enjoy, and it's a change from the overcomplicated MMO games that most people play with its simple to get into yet highly complex economy. I reccomend this game to anyone who wants a more easy experience in gaming.