Ack dissapointing compared to Command and Conquer.

I haven't played this game very much, but because I got dissapointed as soon as a tried it out. One of the things I noticed, and might not do it on your system, is that the scrolling is kinda chopy and sticky. I have well over the required but it seems its just part of the game? The squad thing seems like a good idea...but it prevents you from being tatical. Like you cant sneek up on the guys with a whole squad of 6 tanks! One of the things I HATED was the fact that you could use your special general powers practically any time in the game. Like for instance when you try to be japanese, the bot just dropped an atomic bomb right on your base 5 minutes into the game. Theres no bomber that comes by, no sound, just all of a sudden atomic explosion. People say the bots sucked, but I could not beat them. Maybe because Im just not good. Another downfall is objects arent preporsioned right. The planes are tiny, the tanks are big, the infantry is bigger than the planes. The carrying ship that gets men onto a beach is like half the size of the ship it comes from. Really unpreportioned. I would say the graphics are pretty swell. Some effects were good like the sand rolling across the desert. Explosions are pretty good and I especially liked the flames and fire. Its really not worth buying if you expect something like or better than Command and Conquer.

I recommend Command and Conquer zero hour or a WWII rts, Blitzkrieg.(although this game is slightly different than normal rts, read the review)