A fun platformer but its main issue is it's length

User Rating: 8 | Puppeteer PS3

Puppeteer is one of the most unique platform games to grace the PS3 this gen that doesn't rely to much on the fancy stuff to make it feel fresh.


Crystals have been stolen from certain worlds and with the help of a few friends Kutaro needs to find them and defeat the Bear King from using them.


The gameplay mainly revolves around a 2D platformer where you must navigate a level but you are aided in your quest by looking out for certain masks that can do different things and can access secret areas. Another big feature is the Scissors Kutaro uses to cut baddies up to kill them and also climb certain and even get across certain areas that might be out of reach.

Some orb like crystals you collect give an extra life if you collect 100 or a mask to use. These masks are like extra lifes and if you lose them all it's time to start the level again. Some levels can be tricky but each one provides a fair challenge and also some enemies can only be defeated by using other objects.

The game has about 8 worlds 3 levels in each and each last about between 20 and 30 minutes so you won't be dashing through them. You also rescue prisoners in certain levels as well which add to your end of level performance. The biggest problem though is the lack of extras and sometimes the levels can be a bit trial and error.


The level design is very unique and it feels like every level is different from the last not one part is the same and certain sections sometimes have certain themes to get you progressing across that particukar part of the level. The characters look alot like the characters in LBP in terms of design.


About 20 to 30 minutes for each level so maybe between 8 and 10 hours for the full campaign you can go back for items you have missed but what would have been a neat idea is a creation tool but maybe that would have made it virtually an LBP clone.

Overall Opinion

A solid title it ain't original but for a person who loves platform games should try it out at a knockdown price. There is some good fun to be had with this game.

Overall Score 8.3