Little Mac Rules!

User Rating: 9.5 | Punch-Out!! WII
It's hard to believe that this game hasn't surfaced in 15 years. What a dry period for any game series that hasn't made anything new. I remember playing this when the nes came out. I use to watch my brother advance through the fighters and get to Mr. Dream. the graphics here are excellent, the sound is perfect and the characters are as exactly as I remember them. Except for the balance board control really is lousy. When i lean to the right Little mac goes left and so forth. So the best controls are the wii remote and nun chuck style and the wii remote sideways. Definitely worth the price it's selling for. I'm glad to add this gem to my Wii collection and I do plan on buying the boxing gloves so I feel more like Litlle Mac. hard to imagine him transforming into Giga Mac. WOW! Looks like Doc's been feeding him steroids in his food, water or something because normal people don't do that. So if you feeling nostalgic get this piece of Nintendo's Video Game history!