Punch-Out!! Cheats For Wii

  1. Regain health after knocking an opponent down

    Alternatively tap the 1 and 2 buttons (or "drum" the remote and nunchuk) to regain health after knocking an opponent down.

  2. Hidden Mini-Game During Contendor Credits

    After you have finished Condendor Career or have viewed it under "Options," you will notice that you can still use your cursor and you will notice a score display at the top of the screne. The object is to correct the misspelled names of the developers and to remove the names of your oppenents. Be on the lookout for a letter of a developer's name to look different then it should. Click on the name and it will turn green and be corrected. Be careful not to click it again or hit one that is already correct since you won't get points for the correction. If you click on one of your oppenent's names they go by, they will vanish from the screne.

  3. Unlock Headgear

    Code Effect
    Lose 100 times total in single player mode Headgear
  4. Unlock Donkey Kong for Exhibition

    If you face Donkey Kong in Last Stand mode, you unlock him to fight for Exhibition mode.

  5. Unlock Character Audio

    In Exhibition mode complete the 3 challenges on any character and unlock their audio gallery

  6. Unlock each boxer's Intro in the gallery mode

    As you're progressing through the game, simply view each boxer's intro and it'll unlock in the gallery mode.

  7. Unlock other circuits and modes

    Code Effect
    Win the Minor Circuit Championship Title Major Circuit
    Win the Major Circuit Championship Title World Circuit
    Win the World Circuit Championship Title Title Defense Mode
    Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense Mode Last Stand Mode
  8. Champions Mode

    Win 10 bouts in Mac's Last Stand.

  9. Regain health between rounds

    If you press - between rounds you will hear a chime. At the start of the next round your health will increase. This can be done once per fight.

  10. Save yourself from a KO.

    When you're KO'd and the animation starts, quickly press 1 and 2 repeatedly (Wiimote controls). If done right you'll get another chance.

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Punch-Out!! Cheats For NES

  1. Recovering

    To gain some health before a round, press 'Select' as fast as you can on the screen before the SECOND or THIRD round starts. This will cause Doc to pound on Mac's shoulder faster and your damage will be lowered. This only works once per match, use wisely.

  2. Beat Piston Honda with one punch

    In the second fight against Piston Honda it is possible to win the bout by scoring only one punch. Dodge his punches but don't retaliate. Then when he goes into his Piston Punch routine, hit him in the stomach like in the first fight. As in the first bout, if you time it right he'll be down. Unlike the first fight however, he will be too unsteady to keep his feet. I've even seen him be unable to get up. Just keep in mind that the charging time for his Piston Punch routine is a lot shorter so you really have to time it just right or you'll just end up taking major damage.

  3. Passwords

    Code Effect
    135 792 4680, then press A+B+Select Another World Circuit
    005 737 5423 Major Circuit
    007-373-5963 Mr. Dream
    940 861 8538 Super Macho Man
    106 113 0120, then hold Select and press A+B. View Credits
    777 807 3454 World Circuit

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