Crypto is back, harvesting brains again, this time on Nintendo Wii! But there are a few flaws... a few many flaws..

Alright, so anyone who has played one of the DAH games before will love Crypto (unless they are a concerned parent, then they blow up in wrath). Well, his creators, Pandemic sold the intellectual rights to THQ, who gave the actual assignments to two of its sub-companies, Sandbox and locomotive. Sandbox is taking the DAH game they are making (Path of the Furon for Xbox360 and PS3), but locomotive did a substandard job with this license, either because they are very small, and just could not push it out completed, or because they considered Crypto a budget character. The good thing is, crypto as a character, while maybe a bit more childish, is not ruined. Pox's voice actor refused to do this part, so they have a replacement, making him sound rather pathetic and remorseful. The weapons except for the exceedingly cool zombie gun are all taken directly from the old games, the only other new addition is the Big Willie, which in most cases is replaced by the saucer in missions, but can still be cool. The main sore points for any fans or pick ups will be either A or B, or both, and those being
A. This DAH has less content and smaller areas than either of it's precedents, and is basically shorter
B. The pixel count and the texture count are below the original Destroy all Humans, back on the PS2 and Xbox, even though the wii is capable of low hi-definition.
Now, there is no way to solve A, but you can make B SLIGHTLY more managebale, by putting your TV on widescreen setting (which the game actually supports), which, while shrinking the image, condennses things so it LOOKS like it is higher quality.

The evaluation? This game would have made an OK standalone title (good by the Wii's horrible third party standards), but it just doesnt match up to previous games.

The call? if you are a true blue DAH fan, then buy. If you are anything but, wait till its in the bargain bin, or rent it.