Welcome back!

As a RE-veteran the umbrella chronicles were the reason for me to buy a wii.
I'm very happy with this game.
Sure, it's an on-rail shooting experience, but to me that's a plus. you rarely see this kind of game, while there are 3d shooters all over the place. It's fun to play with a friend and you get to see all those familiar places from the early pre-rendered resident evils. You also get to play as Wesker and he also acts as a voice-over, which realy adds to the whole RE-vibe. There are no puzzles, but just blasting away at those ugly bastards proves to be very satis fying. You'll get to test your ammo on zombies, crows, bats, leeches and inceasingly difficult level bosses. You'l also get to know mre about the evil Umbrella Corporation and the T-Virus.
There are no levels from RE 2, 4 and code Veronica, but then again, there is material left for a sequel.
Shooting zombies never was as much fun.