This game is the best super hero game I've played in a long time

Batman Arkham Asylum is a must have, even if you are not a Batman fan.
The visuals in this game are stunning the combat system is hard at first but, when you get used to it, it is fun beating up the baddies.

The gadget are very cool , especially trying to find all the Riddler's clues. Also the fact that Mark Hammil for those of you who don't is Luke Skywalker in the first three Star Wars films is the voice of The Joker. He does a great job.

This game is a must have, and to platinum is not that hard only when playing some of those fighting missions it can get frustrating. The DLC for this game you get to play as the Joker, and again very fun, very addictive.

I can't wait for the next Batman game in the series. it will probably be 100 time better than this one.

Like i said it is a must have.