, great graphics, great everything (almost), but i think that the battle system needs to be in proved, could be better

Im used toa real time battle system, this one is okay, but not great. Some people could say battle systems arent everything, but on a RPG they are, to me anyways, and i know other people out there care too. So rent the game first, depending on how u like your game, you might not want buy it. ( i actually don't recommend buyign before renting). I bougth this game before renting, sure i like the game, but id rather have saved my 70 bucks.

Its a very fun game no doubt, but the battle system isent to great. Better then the others with battle system , but just not good enought.
Ddi this game get a nine because its great? Or because its Final Fantasy? The story feels to familiar. The story is never really interesting until about half way threw. This game grew on me, altho i got extremely bored trainign, i kept going just to see how it turned out.

The cover gets a 9/10. The cover is the reason i got interesed in Final Fantasy