Maybe almost perfect spidey simulator

Spider-man is a character that don't need to be told or explained, everyone knows him. With his army of fans, comics, cartoons and etc. he just made himself a non-reality legend that need some real actions to feel like he exist.

Spider-Man Web Of Shadows based on comics and shows us a New York City symbiote invasion, where you are a Spider-Man, trying to stop the mess.

First of all, i played like every Spidey game from like Sega. After maybe 10 years a gamemaking level of course grown up as hell, so here we can swing around the entire city and complete a lot of quests.

Game looks really great. Graphics are great. Fighting system is very enjoyable and varied. Side-missions and just swinging around can kill your 2-3 hours for sure.

Story is interesting and been told good, though i did not read all comics. Boss battles is the main reason i can say game rocks, you will jitter a lot.

At all game is worth to play if you are a fan of open world adventures and Spider-man of course. Good work developers. The best Spidey game to date.