This game has creativity written all over it.

User Rating: 9 | Psychonauts XBOX
Its a rare opportunity that you see a game this creative. Not only does it have some creative enviroments and art design, but it also has a original but rich . How many games have you seen that the storyline is mostly inside people's brains? But there are other factors that make this game good.

Your gameplay is like a typical platformer; get to the designated area using springs, cliffs, platforms, etc. etc. Along the way, you'll collect items called figments, which are figments of imagination created from the person's brain. You'll also collect tags that open emotional baggage. Each baggage has its own tag, so you can't just pick up any tag and hand it to any baggage. No sir. So what does collecting all these things do? The figments unlock new psychic powers that Raz, the main character, can use. For every 100 figments, Raz goes up a level. Every five or so levels, he gets a new power, all the way to 95. At 100, you unlock a secret clip. Raz's powers include pyrokinesis, confusion, and a personal favorite, telekinesis. Of course, you can always use the cheats, but that's no fun, is it? You can also upgrade your psychic powers to dish out more damage. Emotional baggage unlocks concept art, which can be accessed from the main menu. Another item you collect are Memory Vaults, which contain secrets and memories of the character, which clears up some stuff you might find confusing.

The enviroments were richly detailed in this game; from the sky to the water, it was creative and amazing. If you look up at night, the clouds have some sort of faces on them. Once again, kudos to Double Fine. They had
some odd art, but not in a bad way. I, in fact, enjoyed it.

You also have a variety of items that will help you along your way, or just there for fun. One item I found funny was the bacon. The bacon lets you contact Ford Cruller, a Ex-Psychonaut that will help you on your way. There are some other unique items such as the Cobweb Duster and the PSI Energy Colorizer. You'll also be collecting your fellow peer's brains, to gain extra health.

The voice acting is brilliant, from the accents to the humor, its all good. However, when Raz gets hit too many times, his voice sounds to start a bit repetitive, but you won't see too many of those areas. The Cream of the Crop has to be the humor. I actually found myself laughing multiple times through out the game, good way to relieve some stress.

The bosses in this game are very well designed, but one problem I had was that they were too easy. I wish I had found a little more challenge in them. Its not only the bosses, but the levels too. But the backtracking kind of fixes that problem. But at the end, it'll leave you hungry for more.

In the end, it was a great game. People should really pick this game up, it'll provide some good gameplay.