A great college football game!

I like playing NCAA football 2004 alot, The graphics are pretty solid, the gameplay is tight, & the atmosphere is brilliant! EA sports makes great football games that you can play for hours! and '04 was like that!

Let me tell you what I thought about NCAA football '04 for the PS2, The Dynasty mode is so awesome you can make a team from scratch or choose an already made team and build off of their success. & plus after the season you can go on to recruit for your team to build a maybe powerhouse.

In create a player you have the ability to choose just about everythiong he wears. me, i like running backs so i made my very own back it was cool!

there's also a new feature called rivaly game & another called mascot game. the mascot game is silly, but tons o fun! The rivaly game is pretty much what you expect.

Also new in ncaa football '04 is the chance to makehistory by going into big games and kinda rewrite them & then u get the team like the 1999 hurricanes, or the "Choak at Doke".

I know there are '05 and even'06, but give '04 a try! you wont regret it!.