this a the best game

User Rating: 10 | Prototype PS3
Prototype is one of the best games of the year. There are a lot of comparisons between it and infamous so I'll get it out of the way now. This game is better. I'll say this I have both systems and I prefer PS3 so I wanted Infamous to be better. Sadly it wasn't. The games have a lot in common, but Infamous got boring fast and where it failed Prototyped passed with flying colors.

So you know how some games are fun and you start playing them, but after awhile they get dull and you just can't bring your self to finish it or you just barely finish it. That's not Prototype. This game gets better with every passing hour. If with in the first hour you find your self thinking this game is just ok play two more and I promise you that you will love this game. I realize it gets some trash talking for it's graphics, but while they aren't top of the line this is still very much a next gen game and PS2 could of never been able to do what this game does. Not only are the graphics next gen acceptable, but the distance rendering is amazing. I've never seen a game where you can still see what's going on down bellow when your on top of some of the tallest buildings and I mean clear as day. I watched a Taxi drive down a road from a sky scrapper.

Forget about graphics though. Lets talk about gameplay because Prototype has that in spades. What would you like to do in a video game? I'm betting you can do that in prototype. I mean there are so many powers and upgrades that this game is unbelievable. You can turn your hand in to spike, whips, giant rock like things, a shield so many options. You can look like anyone in the game that you consume. Wanna drive a tank? Ok go for it. Like throwing cars as far as the eye can see? Yep you can do it. Want to glide across a city? Go for it. Prototype has it all. The free roam is some of the most exciting and fun roaming I've ever seen. The gliding is excellent and when falling off a building you'll live, but I dare you to not have that heart of your skipping a beat for a second you almost feel like your really falling.

The story in Prototype is also good. It's intriguing and enthralling. This game is simply great. That's all you need to know. It's great on both systems and worth a pick up no matter which one you have.

There are some negatives. No game is ever a perfect 10 out of 10 despite what IGN will have you think. Graphics are bellow where they could be. While the story is great the way it's told may get on some peoples nerves I know it got on mine from time to time. You get little tiny bits of story from consuming someone of importance and you get a very short cut scene after completing main story missions. The game also loves to over whelm you and you might find your self struggling to beat certain levels because of that. Most of the time everything works fine, but there may be moments in the game where you just move to fast. Over all this game is an awesome game and the great far out shines the very few minor issues.