the bloody version of infamous

User Rating: 9 | Prototype PS3
i already played infamous and it was a nice game but when i play this one i found packed with more action and blood which is make it better for the mature gamers
the story line is amazing with lots of twists and dark side style also the character design looklike a mix between cole of infamous and altair of assassin creed with a lot of superpowers that makes cole like a baby compared with Alex
he can morph to his enemies shape and can run through the building not climbing
he can remove the cars and through them away to hit other targets like Hulk.
super jumps and many other things Alex can do he is the most powerful videogame hero up to date .
now i think the era of GTA will be over.
the graphics is not that good and i think the reason is the 360. if the crew do it only for PS3 and PC no wonder the graphics will be much better and we see on infamous or MGS4 and killzone those games got awesome graphics.
Cut scenes are amazing.
i give infamous 8 out of 10
and this one deserve 9 out of 10