Great Idea, Great Product.

User Rating: 9 | Prototype PS3
Prototype is a very good game. In my opininon it is just like an open world super hero game, but much more fun. Let me start with the story, Prototype is about a man named Alex Mercr who is infected by a virus, which you will learn about in the story, that he somehow is able to sustain and in doing this he gains incredible god like abilities. He is on a quest to find out what happened and how to stop what essentially created him. The story ties together very well and uses an interesting way to tie it together, the Web of Intrigue, by consuming targets, one of Alex's abilities, you gain all their past knowledge they basically become part of you, and I thought this was a very interesting way to learn about the story, because it just shows little snippets of their thoughts and makes you wanna keep gettin more WOI targets so you can learn more about the story, overall a very interesting system. I won't spoil anything but how the story unravels is unexpected and cool. Now as far as combat, it is very fun to kill all the intersting types of enemies they put in the game, and the wide array of powers make it even more fun, unfortunately this does not stop it from getting repetitive at times, but it is still very fun to use all the powers, combos, and essentially wreck New York. The only complaint about the combat is the targeting, which is very difficult to use in certain situations I feel they could have improved it. The moves are very easy to learn and sometimes I found myself pressing X over and over again if I was to say one more thing. Finally, there is also the ability to sneak around in disguises after you consume someone and this can be fun to do and progresses to be harder as you further along in the game. Overall, a very good game and I recommend you get it.