Slaughter House

User Rating: 9.5 | Prototype PS3
This game in my personal opinion is the adult version of Infamous. It has everything Infamous has but more. It has an amazing lead character and a good story line to boot. You have never experienced a game with such versatility. It is an amazing free roam game, good slasher, great detail, and good story each mission. I also enjoyed the difficulty in some of the bosses because they were not push overs like most games are. The powers you get are great because you can always make new combos with them and experiment around with them. Like you could be a fan of the blade and armor combo like I am. The only thing that I was different is that I wish you could actually go to the area where the infection started. Hopefully they make a second prototype game. Now to address the issue of some people saying that this game is to fake. Well I am sorry but not everything in a video game can be realistic. Like will you get mad at Final Fantasy games because there are no Chocobo's in real Life? I don't think so. I love this game because i am still playing it trying to unlock all of the extra trophies. This game has a ton to offer and I think any fan of a good free roam game will enjoy it very much.