If you want random violence, lots of blood, and to destroy buildings and people, then you'll like this. I didn't.

User Rating: 4 | Prototype PS3
I'll admit, I'm not a big horror fan. Read the reviews and talked to people who played and didn't seem like it was a big deal. Apparently those people failed to miss the crimson liquid filling the streets... or it just wasn't up to their gore standards. So it didn't help keep my interest.

If blood and violence is what you want, this game fits the bill without a doubt. True the graphics aren't as great as some games, but I think in this case they spared the details to give you as many targets to murder in as small an area as possible.

The controls seemed too simple. Didn't care enough to learn the combinations, but it didn't seem to make a big difference. You could simply walk around hitting the same button and probably finish the game find (except the bosses perhaps). Hated the targeting. There's a zombie 2 feet in front of him, so let's target the one standing behind the car terrorizing that citizen. *eye roll*

I got really annoyed with the fact the military kept attacking Alex despite my attempts not to harm citizens. You can basically wipe out all the humans in the game and that won't affect how it progresses. Would have liked if there was, though don't know if it would have helped.

Loved the abilities. Morphing his arms/body to fit his whim was impressive. Was a nice change to the tradition gaming weapons. Sprinting up the side of buildings or across the city was great, though sorta felt wasted. Perhaps there was a mission in which the sprint was needed though I didn't find it. The variety of attacks pleased me. Being able to choose how you want to kill your target made it less repetitive at times, though after a few times using one attack, it loses it's appeal.

Minor detail, but didn't like not being able to pause in the middle of a cutscene. Had to restart the game a few times due to little cousins walking in while a military personal was being sliced in half. Not something I want to be playing in the background when they're talking to me.

From what I played of it, I wasn't impressed. Shotty graphics, repetitive missions, and destroy everything gameplay is not what I'm after. True the cutscenes impressed me as well as the unique abilities Alex possesses, but didn't save the game in the end. I'd suggest renting it first to be sure.