Ahh Prototype, Prototype, Prototype......you had so much promise and you did thrill me in places, but alas, no more...

User Rating: 7.5 | Prototype PS3
Prototype has left me in a funny place, one of which i was quite enjoying at first, but one that has left me feeling empty overall.

Here was a game that could have been a classic, one that could have spawned countless doppelgangers of similar stature. The concept was brilliant, the story a bit half and half, the game play incredible pleasing, but the challenge?

Time and time again the same grumble i have about modern video games keeps getting brought up, 'They're just too easy nowadays!' and in Prototype's case this level of difficulty isn't helped by the sheer lack of missions (30+ in-story and a few dotted around the map?), i mean come on! You had a brilliant concept for a game here and you ruined it through sheer laziness.

On the plus side the first walk-through is a blast, it's just after those 3 plays you'll be wondering what to do next.

The upgrade system is satisfying and some of the moves are breathtakingly deadly, the army are always on your tail and this makes for a good gaming experience to begin with, but after a while the mission just become too one-dimensional, kill/consume/kill/consume/kill/consume/kill/consume/fight a boss/kill etc etc.

Amongst a few more missions a bit more variety in those mission could have tipped the scales to possibly even a 9, another thing that didn't help the cause was the lack of variety in building and scenery sets, apart from central park and times square the whole place looks the same.

When you destroy a nest or a strike base you can be guaranteed 10 minutes later the building will be back up like nothing has happened, if this wasn't the case the atmosphere of a devastated Manhattan would have been more realistic.

I've completed it twice in the space of a week and have my guy fully upgraded to a proper killing machine, but now, i don't know what to do with myself when i get on it, fight strike teams all day and die of repetitive boredom is the only option.

If you're on the development team for the sequel (if there's going to be one?) remember these 3 points,

1/ number of missions
2/ variety of missions
3/ variety of backdrop

a good effort in all, just not quite.