Airdash: Help, I can't do it !

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This is the 1st time I use these forums...

I know Prototype 1 is a bit old, but I just discovered the game. I've bought the airdash ability but I can't get it to work. While in the air, I double-tap a movement key, say W (forward), and release. But nothing happens.

AM I doing something wrong or do I need to achieve something to unlock the ability (even though I've bought it) ?

Thanks for any help.

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Anyways, so I've found the answer :


In the instructions for airdash, it says to double-tap and release a movement key while in the air...  But that wouldn't work for me.

Well, double-tapping movement keys can be replaced with the Shift key.  So, while in the air and gliding, tapping Shift triggers the airdash ability.

If you press A (left) and shift, you airdash to the left.  And so on.