User Rating: 10 | Prototype 2 PS3
I have purchased this game last wednesday, and started playing. First charter is nice, where story was told about how Sgt James Heller get his super human power from Alex Mercer, and sequently how he hunt down those scentists, evolved, how he get to upgrade his power and skils by consuming and killing those infected creatures fro the Lairs, on the streets.

I especially like the part where Sgt James Heller equip with his claws and pounce on his prey, black watch, military , civilians, infected. Also when he equip himself with weapons, like genarde launcher, assult rifle, missile launchers from the tanks and helicopthers.

I personally like the free roam, where Sgt James Heller can do some free running and consumer black watch soldiers and military personels, mounting on to tanks and drive ard the ingame cities, firing tank rounds and the army bases and infected.

All in all, this is a fantastic game