Mission are repetitive, but gameplay sure is great

User Rating: 8 | Prototype 2 PS3
Prototype 2 is a fun game right off the bat, but if you are looking for an amazing story you may want to look somewhere else.

The Good- It's God of War combat, in a open world game. If it's one thing that makes this game so fun is the combat. No mater what picking up a old person shapeshifting into them and punching and throwing people never get old. And with the mutations that you gain (you get 5 main mutations for attack) it doesn't get old. I will not spoil what all the mutations are since one of the best parts is finding out what weapon you gain to cause havoc, but there is a power suited for your style. Each power does feel different in its own way. The way you move around the city is a blast in it own way. You jump and glide and sprint and anything to get from point A to point B. At one point it will give you a way to quick travel but you will find yourself jumping and running to the area you need to go because not only is it a blast, it is actually quicker then having to wait till it loads the area.
The Bad- The difficulty of this game is laughable easy. With how much power they give you you will breeze easily past enemies. Also with the annoying little bugs that happen here and there causing a boss to get caught in a endless loop of jumping. The missions are way to repetitive for some. You will find yourself mainly shapeshifting, breaking into a place, and killing, not much else to be found. The main thing causing you to keep moving forward is the thought of gaining a new mutation via the outcome of the mission.

Story- The story isn't the worst, nor the best I have seen in a game. It tells the tale of James Heller, a military man who had his wife and daughter killed by infected caused by the Mercer virus. He is now obsessed with hunting Alex Mercer (the anti hero from the first game) to make him pay for causing the virus that killed his wife and daughter. The opening mission has him entering the yellow zone were Alex Mercer destroys a tank he was in, and gives him the piece of the virus that cause himself to have the powers. He then goes on to explain why he did what he did. All and all, the story is ok. It is filled with stereotypes, so if you get easily offend by it stay away. Again, the story truly is just there to lead you to new mutation to get to where the core of the fun is within the game. The side missions, well there boring and don't do much except throw enemies at you and say fight. While it is most likely the closest to an arena mode this game will have (even though it truly should have one this game is meant for it) it still isn't that much thought or fun to be found with the side missions. The game also comes with a new game plus which, well, does what ever other new game plus does. It also has collectibles which give a little radio briefing on something that happened.

Graphics- Prototype 2 is not big on graphics. The CG cut scenes look ok (even they could be a lot better) but the over all gameplay graphics are not kind on the eyes. The CG cut scenes are all in black and white except for the color red, trying to get and artistic view of the world, or at least that's what I think they aimed for. The normal graphics are have many edges and when you run on top of a tall building it fogs out the other buildings. While it not so bad that it's unplayable, it is a draw back to the game with how much technology that is pumped into games these days, Prototype 2 could do much, much better.

Overall it's not a bad game and fun to goof off with, with the main selling point being combat. If you are looking for a game to just have fun with, then pick this game up.

Gameplay- 9
Story- 7.5
Graphics- 6
Entertainment- 8.5
Replay value- 8
Over all- 8