Its a great game but it is missing the radiant sort of thing we got to see in skyrim. Its a ton of fun but a bit

User Rating: 8.5 | Prototype 2 PS3
Unbelievably addictive yet short. It has great new features but it feels a lot like the old game. The graphics have improved very much which is great and is the factor that i got to feel most in this installment. New features like the pack leader are awsome and the animations are more varied. The creatures are far better in this game than in the last, the goliath for example blew my mind. It was missing a far better end boss, something the last game did pretty well. The shortness of the game anyhow cuts the awsomeness of the game quite short because all though the story content is short enough the compensation for the lack of playable content, mission wise, was the blackwatch side missions which just didn't cut it. All in all its a great game and if a prototype fan a must have.
I rate it 8.5