Like GTA on PCP. Best game i have played in a long time. Quit reading reviews, and buy it now, you will love it. :)

User Rating: 9 | Prototype 2 PS3
Great game better than the first in every way. i waited a long time for this game to be released 2 years to be exact. The graphics are great way better than the first one, in fact blows it away! Game play is where this game shines though, you can jump 50 ft in the air swallow men whole and change to there form, pick up cars then throw them at people. Its just amazing the stuff you could do in this game.

Story is great so far its no MGS but its good, and sure to keep you happy till the end This game is a must buy for people who love zombies, chaos, carnage, and especially if you played the first one.

Speaking of the first one if you did play it and love the protaginist t, Alex Mercer then you might be a lil disapointed. He is now the bad guy, and you play as James Heller who i think is even more bad a$$ :)