Highly impressed with the sequel to one of my favorite games.

User Rating: 9.5 | Prototype 2 X360
Prototype 2 is a major improvement since its predecessor. Don't get me wrong it gets repetitive going into the enemy bases however if you enjoy the game, it's all fun to you. I read reviews from my favorite websites and they posted horrible reviews saying what a disappointment it was, complaining about the story and the graphics. To me, the story is brilliant so far, I can't put it down. The graphics are definitely an improve since Prototype 1 however it's not like you're gonna have Skyrim graphics, but if you ask me they're not needed.

*not a spoiler* Mercer infects Heller in hopes he joins his ranks to bring down Blackwatch. The story is aided by beautiful cinematic cut scenes with a "sin city" type of feel. The combat is over the top and a blast, the brutality is up to par with that of Mortal Kombat. You decimate your foes and there are enough unlockables to keep you playing without bothering. If you were smart enough to grab the limited edition, you get the rad net unlockable events for free which end up allowing you to unlock an Alex Mercer skin. Upon purchase, I was asked if I wanted to buy 5$ DLC that releases early May. The reservation was free so I happily purchased content that is LIKELY on the disc, but nobody is worse than EA, besides, I know I'll enjoy any DLC that comes out for this title. Must buy if you like sandbox games.. or like me, have it rough sometimes and use sandboxes as a way to release your troubles.