Awesome in every category!!!

User Rating: 10 | Prototype 2 PS3
I don't often rate games but this one is worth mentioning. I got it last night at the release and played til almost time to go to work @ trust me it's very good.


The graphics are a step up from the Prototype 1. The environment and characters have more detail.

Main character fighting ability and movements are smooth. Holding triangle or square does a slow motion kick or punch that lifts enemies into the air. Same easy controls and you start the game with perks you had to wait and pay for in the 1st one.

Large free roam map with lots of activities. The whole map is full of interesting discoveries, you never know when you'll find something. The side activities are just as fun as the main mission because there's more than racing the clock.

It's a great challenge and fun the fight scenes are extraordinary new creatures to battle... or run from.


I haven't noticed anything in that little period that hurts the game rating. The only thing is I wish Heller ran faster in the beginning. Mercer.