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Changes are Coming...


Wow. When it snows, it pours.

Or something like that :P

Life has certainly taken quite a few turns in the last 10 weeks. There I was, status quo, working in the office for a week of reviewing various construction/fire protection/industrial equipment plans for clients when my friend, Stephanie, came up to me and asked if I'd seen "that email".

"That email" turned out to be one that changed my life. It was a job alert for a position to be a part of our corporate team of engineers who train all new field engineers who join my company. I probably would have missed it since I had about 200 unsorted emails in my Inbox at the time and a stack of plans piling up on my desk, but that simple question, followed by the confidence-boosting phrase, "I think you'd be good at that," sparked a fire of new possibilities for me.

Long story short, I'd been back to the east coast twice to help out with training, serving as a sort of volunteer mentor to help out with the standard training courses, and I'd loved it. While I didn't want to leave field engineering just yet, the possibility of teaching in a classroom and lab setting really called out to me. As soon as my boss got back from a business trip, I told him that I was interested in this new position--much to his dismay, as I really never thought I'd leave field engineering, and had sort of built my career around that stability--to which he agreed I could be a really good fit. I applied and was flown out for an interview. A week later, I was offered the job, and week after that I received the written offer which I accepted.

So, here I am, moving out to the east coast in just over 2 weeks. I am sad to leave the field, but the possibilities this job opens up are tenfold of the ones I leave behind. Sure, I'll miss working with Lucasfilm (now Skywalker Properties and Walt Disney--yes, we insure Disney, too), St. Joseph's Medical Center and IGT, along with a host of other amazing clients, but I will be working with a great group of people up by our corporate offices, with engineers who run the fire tests (they burn things and see what happens!). I'm getting a very nice raise, which will put me on the right financial path where before I thought I was doomed to just barely keep an even balance sheet. I will actually be able to plan for the future.

In addition, I've been selected to be on a group of 20-30 people who are going to help redesign our training program for engineers. While my new group was already going to update our training program in the next year or so, we are only in charge of how the material was going to be taught. This committee is in charge of what to teach engineers and when to teach it, and I'm honored to be a part of it. AND this committee is meeting in Windsor in September, so I actually get to go to England for a week! I had zero hopes for intercontinental travel due mostly to finances, so this is a real treasure to me.

Another bonus is that I will no longer be so solitary at work, and will get to see people on a more consistent basis. So much of field engineering is solitary, and while that can be nice with all its freedoms, it's tough for someone like me who has very few friends nearby.

The sad part of this whole deal is, of course, that I have to leave the friends I do have behind (physically, of course I plan on keeping in touch, but I rarely have that reciprocated so we'll see) and move 3,000 miles away. I've spent my entire life in California, so the Boston area will be quite a shock to my system.

That's a lot of change to handle in a short period of time. I can only pray that I handle it with grace and humility and do the best job I can for my company. The appointment is only for 3-5 years, so if I don't have any compelling reason to stay there, my boss has secured my job for me and I'll come back.

All of this has led me to be a bit absent from GS, which I don't think is a bad thing right now with all of the changes that are being so poorly implemented. I will take this as a good break to see if GS can get their act together and perhaps distance myself a bit. I'll still be around the forums, but I won't be posting much, especially not in the GSWRT. I have neither the time nor the energy, and I feel like my work is virtually useless there anyway. I thought being a Justicar meant something, but in all honesty, I'm really not sure what the point is anymore. Justicars were promised a lot in exchange for our work, and instead I have the AUB stripped from me (and the rest of the Soapbox Emblem holders) with pathetic explanations, broken links and no input as a Justicar. Not even a heads up. So, I think it's time to focus my efforts on moving, finding a new apartment and settling into my job and let this be figured out before putting much more energy into it.

Otherwise, I'll also be stunted on my gaming for quite a while. The bright side is that, with this new position, I may actually be able to afford a really nice new computer so that I can play more games and enjoy myself. A more stable schedule will also benefit my gaming life, so I'm looking forward to that.

Oh, any tips for how to deal with people in the Boston/Providence area and their inability to stay in the lane lines on the freeway would be much appreciated :lol: