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not again!!!11!1


well, i has it again: teh flew!

this is the 3rd time in about 6 weeks i've been struck with the flu, all of them have been different. on dec 30th i got the sinus flu, which wasn't too bad to be honest (well compared to the others), then on my bf's bd on jan 12th i got the stomach flu, then thursday i got some wierd low-fever flu where my entire body ached like i had a 102F fever and i ended up not being able to stay up for more than 4 hours straight and everything--EVERYTHING--hurt like i'd just received a major beating.

seriously i'm not thrilled! at least today i am feeling better, got out and went to the store but carrying up the groceries was a task. i did get some thermaflu warming liquid, just took it and i must say, i'm impressed so far. it calmed my severely sore throat and had a gentle warming which just kind of massaged my throat. we'll see how long it lasts.

what i don't get is that i've been really good to myself, as good as i can be with my job. i've been taking my vitamins, exercising and going to bed at a decent hour. i've drammatically cut my caffeine intake, too. but i think that being out on the field at a casino tue/wed, mostly outside (and around a bunch of smoke when i was inside) then going to a rock quarry and being outside thu did me in :(

oh well. i figure that by now, i should have had every single flu and illness coming this winter :D so basically i should have the immune system of a rock by the time this is over! hey now, ever seen a rock get sick? NO, I DID NOT THINK SO.

i win.



the flu?

i has it :(

i got sick on my bf's birthday (wednesday). didn't get to take him to dinner or even put the candle on the cake i bought him earlier before the fall--basically was feeling fine up until 7pm when i started feeling icky, and was out for the count by9! lame. fever of 101+, been in bed for about 28 hours minus 2 hours of TV watching. poor guy, he has to take care of me now :(

i did get him the most awesomest gift ever for his new comp, though, a 240 GB solid state drive (muskin brand), so i hope that makes up for it...just a little.

on the bright side, maybe i'll lose a few pounds :P

hope you're all well and good!

hell in a handbasket...(edited!!!)


it's official: i'm going to hell. why? because i just bought...


(i probably had a pic of my halo reach edition 360 here but i don't really know, my ex and i broke up after he appears to have been cheating so i likely deleted it, oh well! i still have the 360, though;))

as in HELL YEAH!!!!

since my bf has a job now, he really wanted this and will be paying me back for it over the next few months. in the meantime, i was playing on xbox.com and couldn't remember my xbox live ID/password, so i made a new one. i'm not really sure if i care for the trophies and gold i accumulated last year, so here's the question:

should i keep my old gamertag, "psycho_blondi", or start fresh with my new one, "zyxe"? post your thoughts below. and please note that you might sway my opinion, but inevitably, being a girl, i'm going to do what i want regardless of what you say :D

tee hee. now go forth and amuse me!

tired of travel


whining ensues:

so, yesterday was my first actual day off in 3 weeks (where i had nothing to charge my hours to), and it was nice. but last week i had a trip to san francisco for work, luckily only one night (lucasfilm ftw!), and the week prior i had 4 days in reno for work. tonight, i get to drive to modesto, CA, for another 4 days of field visits :( in between, when i'm not out on the field for normal visits (which has only been for 3 of the 20 work days, where i work at home and write reports), i have been covering that california mall fire, including weekends up until this one, acting on behalf of our client to help ensure no further loss occurs during construction, a standard service we provide to help our clients through a loss.

basically i'm tired of travelling. i spent my day off yesterday cleaning the mess that had become of my apartment since i was only home long enough to trash it and not pick back up after myself, and today i am technically off but will be prepping for next week, finishing a report and driving 2.5 hours south for this week's visits.


since i have been frequenting a mall for work, i take breaks and go shopping. i bought an AWESOME pair of vera wang boots on a major sale and a dress (also on major sale) for our company's holiday party, which i will finally be able to attend after being on the east coast for training over the last 2 holiday seasons. yay! not i just need to lose those 10 pounds and look killer in that dress :D

oh well. at least i have a job that i like :) i'm just tired and need some mental rest.

Clean House


so i just cleared out my tracking/friend list. if you want back on (though i don't know why you would!), just comment. but we all know that's not gonna happen 'cause you don't look at my blogs anymore ;)



nom noms: best salad, croissant dogs and teriyaki w/garlic green beans


i love cooking, especially for other people. unfortunately, since i can't have you guys over for dinner, i figured i might as well put down some pseudo-recipes :) (the pseudo meaning there are some things i have no measurements on and can only give the ingredients since i do it to taste and completely differently each time, but hey that's half the fun!)...

forgive me, but resizing of the photos in photobucket didn't see to work, but i think somehow you will all manage.


i love salads. since they're pretty simple, i thought i'd start off, well, simply!


  • freshly chopped romaine lettuce
  • 1/2 or 1 ripe tomato (any kind will do, really)
  • 4 sun dried tomato halves, not in oil
  • 1/4 to 1/2 avacado
  • Galeo's Miso Dressing (the best, you wouldn't believe it only has 22 calories per tablespoon AND is all natural!)
  • slivered almonds (toasted, raw, salted--up to you!)

just slice'n'dice and throw them in a bowl. enjoy!

CROISSANT HOT DOGS (the *other* pigs in a blanket)

still simple but a tad messy...

croissant dogs


  • roll of croissant rolls (i prefer the reduced fat ones from Pilsbury)
  • 8 hot dogs (again, reduced fat will actually be better if you know a good brand)
  • 4 slices swiss cheese, cut into 4 strips each (2 strips per dog)
  • yellow mustard

to cook, you'll want to follow the instructions for the rolls (preheat oven, cook temp and time are as if you're cooking just buiscuts or rolls).get a large cookie sheet, no need to grease, and i like to open the roll and separate the croissant triangles and kind of work them and stretch them out a bit so they can cover the hot dogs.

slice the hot dogs really deep lengthwise so that they're ALMOST cut through. stuff 2 strips of cheese in the slit, and put a line of mustard in the slit (so it will melt into the cheese).

wrap the croissant triangle around the hot dog, and make sure the slit side of the hot dog is facing upward so the cheese doesn't run out. cook as directed (about 12 minutes). enjoy while hot!


this has got to be one of my favorites (i'm eating this for dinner right now, actually!), found it on about.food.com or something like that and modified it a little.

steak teriyaki


  • 3/4 pound of top sirloin (3/4 inch thick cuts are great) OR 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup GOOD soy sauce (the cheap stuff has a ridiculous amount of sodium, i think kikoman or better is fine)
  • 1/2 cup sake (doesn't seem to matter if it's really good)
  • 1/4 cup mirin (a rice wine, sweeter than sake)
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar (i use 4 tablespoons if i'm cooking chicken)
  • 1 teaspoon dried, ground ginger (or you can grate fresh ginger and squeeze the pulp through your fingers to get a tablespoon of juice without the pulp)
  • 1/2 cup rice and 3/4 cup water in the rice cooker
  • 1 teaspoon corn starch and 2 teaspoons cold water (i've used flour and it works, too, just use tablespoons instead of teaspoons)
  • 2 servings of FRESH green beans, trimmed (remove the stems)
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic (i use the stuff in a jar)

start by stirring the soy sauce, sake, mirin, brown sugar and ginger in a small bowl. get a GOOD ziplock bag that will easily fit the meat, and put the meat in it after stabbing the meat with a fork. pour 1/2 cup of the sauce into the bag, get rid of excess air, seal and refrigerate for an hour or more. i've marinated the meat for up to a day without any problems of it becoming tough. save the rest of the sauce for later.

after marinating the meat, start your rice cooking in the rice cooker. if it finishes before the rest is ready, the cooker will keep it warm.

drain the liquid from the ziplock, then take the meat out and pat it with a paper towel or napkin to get the excess sauce off. heat a large pan on medium high on the stovetop, be sure to spray it with cooking spray before heating (the sauce will ruin your pan as it sticks horribly even if your pan is non-stick). when the pan is hot, put the meat on it. cook to desired doneness: about 6-7 minutes per side (less if your steak is cut thin). the outside of the meat will blacken, and i actually really like the crisp outside when you end up cutting it up (so does my boyfriend!). when you flip it, spoon a little bit of sauce on the top. (you should still have quite a bit of sauce left after this.)

while your steak is cooking, put your green beans in a bowl, put a few tablespoons water in and cover with plastic wrap. microwave for 4-5 minutes (until tender). drain the water, set aside. you'll be reheating them right before the meal is ready so don't worry about keeping them super warm.

once the meat is cooked (make sure if it's chicken that the thickest part has no pink!), put it aside on a cutting board to REST for 5 minutes. DO NOT CUT INTO IT YET (except to test for doneness), letting it rest lets the juices redistribute themselves into the meat so they don't just run out when you cut them. i pour another tablespoon of sauce over each piece while it sits.

while the meat is resting, scrape off the burnt teriyaki sauce, whatever you can get off, from the pan with some tongs or something, but don't get it wet, you're going to use it for the green beans. put the pan on the stove to about medium low and pour about 2 tablespoons of sauce in the pan and then the tablespoon of minced garlic. let it brown for about 30 seconds, then add the green beans and toss. turn off the heat, and let it sit in the pan while you prepare the meal.

by now, the meat will have rested and the rice is done. put some rice in a large soup bowl, and cut the chicken/steak into VERY THIN strips so they are easy to pick up with chopsticks if desired. fan meat over the rice, and put the green beans next to the rice in the bowl. drizzle some more sauce over the whole bowl, beans included, and enjoy!

Social Gatherings: What NOT to Do...


i'll admit, i'm not the coolest person at most gatherings. mostly since i don't go to many and i always feel out of place unless i'm hosting (that way everyone has a good time, they remember me, but i rarely have to interact with them! brilliant, if i do say so myself)... but i will say, there are RULES OF ENGAGEMENT that people should follow when throwing a party or other social get together.

let me just fill you in on the background: i got a call about 2 weeks ago (at like 10pm, which itself is a no-no when you don't really know the person you're calling, unless it's a time-sensitive matter) where a person i had met once or twice is friends with a good friend of mine who is... DUN DUN DUN... getting married (this is the first i heard about that, though i knew she was with someone and it was 'serious'). well, this lady who called invites me to the bridal shower, which is said to not be a bridal shower just a get together for my good friend before she gets married... uh huh whatever who cares what you call it lol...

i'm told that i will get an e-vite (it's some site that you can list people you want to invite to a party and it sends an email invitation with a link to the site, and you put all the party details on the site), and that it's a "no gift" party. which is great for me, since i'm very short on cash right now. VERY.

i give her my email, spell it out, have her repeat it...the party being 2 sundays away from the time she called...

well, a week and a half passes, and i had been working like crazy, business trip out of state and all, and i hadn't gotten any e-vite. i get back from my trip 8pm friday night before the sunday party, and still nothing. i call up saturday afternoon by remembering when she called and going back in my call history log, and here's what i get...

"yes, the party's still on. oh, you never got the e-vite? yeah huh... i was wondering why the web site still said you hadn't looked at the e-vite it sent out (duh i didn't get it shouldn't that have been good indication). oh, by the way... it's now a gift-optional party, and a pot luck."


it was also sunday early afternoon. i didn't have the money to get both a gift and bring food for a dozen people (i don't like to bring crap, i love cooking and rarely get to do it for anyone outside of my household), so i settled on making really good pigs in a blanket, really hot dogs in crescent rolls, and i stuffed them with swiss cheese and a little mustard, the mustard was the real elevation of this nasty little treat...

anyway, i make sure to have the food baked and pulled out of the oven exactly when i'm about to leave. so it's, you know, warm and stuff when i get there. i get to the house, and the place is crammed full of furniture, hard to move around, and no where for us to sit for 15 minutes... my food sits on the table, with everyone else's, for an hour before we eat (i hadn't eaten that day, either). finally it was time to eat, so i put my food in the oven for a bit to reheat, but you know it never turns out the same as being fresh :(

so we eat, and the food people brought was actually really good. then we got to do a cool collage for my friend and that was fun, but i had to leave early since i still had a report to write and was performing a field visit THEN driving to reno the next day. well, fortunately that was my out. the party had already gone an hour and a half longer than i expected. of course, just as i was about to leave, they were going to open presents. as i said my goodbyes, the person next to my friend and guest of honor asked, "oh, which one's yours?"...


i had to say in front of everyone that couldn't get a gift, i had just found out the details the night before and all that... but i still felt like a total a** :(

oh well. the company was really good, i'm glad to have seen my friend. the party was for the right reason, and truthfully so long as she had fun that's all that REALLY matters. it's just that, if you're going to throw a party, keep a few things in mind:

  1. make sure people are actually invited, like, they got the invitations and all...
  2. don't change a "no present" party to a "present" party. make it a present party to being with or stfu
  3. have ample places for people to sit when they come in
  4. have some food ready when people walk in, even if it's just a coke and chips. something. and don't let food sit out for an hour before letting people touch it (torture, anyone?)
  5. if you have an outdoor space with furniture with tons of cat hair on it, vaccuum the cat hair off before the party instead of explaining to guests that the furniture has tons of cat hair on it....(yeah i didn't mention that one haha... and yes my family has thrown parties, we have a sunroom the cats live in, and WE VACCUUM ALL THE FURNITURE BEFORE THE PARTY)
  6. if you're a guest at a presents optional party, don't ask another partygoer which one is theirs in front of the guest of honor. shut up and sit down!

:D rant over! until next time...


College Entrance Essay


hey guys, i dunno why but for some time now i've wanted to post my college entrance essay--you know, the writing assignment that's attached to your college application, thus ultimately deciding your fate. well, i found it in one of my boxes, so here it is!

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Challenger 500 as it boldly goes where no one has gone before; its mission: to explore the universe and seek out life and new civilizations on other planets. As the fiery proto-plasmic rockets flare and the ship jolts into space, the crew of the Challenger 500 will slumber for the next six months while in hibernation, waking only to the sound of the computer-generated voice saying, "Flight 103, Mars, now landing. Please unfasten your hibernation hatches and prepare for landing." It is my intention to be the captain of that flight to Mars.

As the ship takes off for Mars and the crew prepares for hibernation, the emergency alarm sounds and the light on the ship turns blood red. Being the Captain, I tell my ensign to put the disturbance on the view screen. "Aye aye, Captain," he says, as the view screen lights up to reveal two Bolognian battle cruisers, equipped with the fastest engines in the galaxy and enough fire power to blow Jupiter to smithereens. They send a signal to my ship telling me to hand over my precious cargo--twelve cases of Moonshine Whiskey. There is no place to run and even fewer places to hide. I can't surrender, though; that just isn't my st.yle. It goes against my training the the martial art of Tae Kwon Do: I never give up. Heck, I used to spar guys who were twice my size. So, instead, I summon my knowledge of physics to devise a plan of escape. I study my surroundings: the only thing around us is an enormous planet with a large gravitational force. I hear the teachings of my ancient, wise mentor whispering to me through time and space: "Use the planet's gravitational force as a sling shot to give you enough centripital acceleration and velocity to go back in time by using Einstein's theories dealing with objects traveling faster than the speed of light. Then, you can be where you are before you encounter the Bolognians and have enough time to prepare for them." Boy, was I lucky I did exceptionally well on my Seminar Conceptual and AP Physics cl.ass during my high school years, earning straight A's in both cl.asses--not to mention the fact that I can remember many physics lectures verbatim years after hearing them, which comes in handy when you don't have your physics book and are twenty-three trillion miles away from home.

As I explain to the ensign what he must do, I am reminded of how helpful my high school tutoring experience was. By using the techniques I gained from tutoring, I successfully direct the ensign on how to program the correct angle, momentum, acceleration and velocity factors into the computer so we will arrive at a time before the encounter safely as opposed to the incorrect factors, in which case we would either fling ourselves into the center of the planet and be instantaneously crushed by its dense atmosphere or aimlessly hurl ourselves outward into the depths of the unexplored regions of the universe.

As the ensign enters the commands into the computer, a most unfortunate incident occurs: we are hit by the Bolognians and the ensign's finger slips. He accidentally sens us into hibernation mode after using our Nuke M. torpedos to obliterate their ships, and we awaken twenty years later on earth. I wake up first and find out that an Earth ship rescued us and brought us back to our homeworld. A lot has changed in the twenty years, and things seem strange and unfamiliar. Again, I am reminded of the past; this time, I think of the time I skipped the eighth grade. It was hard to accept and accustom myself to the new and unfamiliar environment of high school, but I somehow managed to adapt quickly. For me, because I respond well to change, I won't have much of a problem assimilating to this new world.

On the other hand, my crew is becoming very homesick. Since my first duty is to my crew, I start working on a plan to bring us home. I decide upon the slingshot theory, when I realize that, in order for it to work, I need a large initial surge of power from the engines. Unfortunately, I find that our power source has been diminished during our encounter with the Bolognians and that the ditrythium crystals we need to power our ship are very scarce in this time. The only crystal in our sector of the universe is held by Galactic Leader of the Milky Way system, and, according to the inhabitants of our new world, he will never give it up. I decide to go undercover and steal the crystal while posing as a pianist; having played since the age of five, I am an expert. I am hired by him to perform personal concerts, and during intermission, I sneack into his office and find the valuable crystal. I gather my crew and my ship, and we safely return to our Earth.

Upon reaching Earth, I realize how much high school and my life experiences, both academically and non-academically oriented, have contributed to my success on this mission. Although I did not reach Mars, I have returned myself and my crew to Earth in one piece. Just think of how much more I could have done if I had gone to college.

and i got in, too :P

hope you all had great weekends! later :)

year full of it


now say that really fast... :D

anyway... it's been a long time since i bothered to post a blog, and kudos to you if you are actually reading it! you know how it goes, the longer you wait to post, the cooler you think it needs to be, so you wait and wait and wait for something awesome enough to happen... then you realize you're not that cool and you shouldn't have bothered waiting in the first place, but you did so now all your friends deleted you from their friend list and forgot you ever existed?

tee hee.

anyway, i've been really busy since my last blog. i am still at that job, just about 2 years into it. it's fun, my engineering friends saw me a while ago, and they can never quite remember what exactly i do. well, what's cool is that i do so many things at my job, it really has me on my feet. i work for a global property insurance company, but as an engineer. i provide risk assessment and consult about how to mitigate damages from fire, earthquake and flood. what's so cool about it is that i get to go to so many sites and see how things work, that it's kinda like being on that show "how stuff works" or whatever. below is a list of some of the kinds of places i've been:

  • rock crushing facility (they make ballast for railroad tracks)
  • casinos
  • data centers
  • high rise office buildings
  • rendering plant (EWWWWW nasty place, but good people there)
  • warehouses
  • large hospitals
  • coffee roasting facilities
  • large-scale printing operations
  • and the coolest one of all...the star wars archives!!!!!

no, i'm not kidding (and my boss said it was OK to tell people i go there, i just can't talk about certain proprietary things). i actually got to see the model of the death star, along with the actual costumes worn in the star wars movies! how awesome is that? kinda takes the edge off having to go to a rendering plant :P

anyway, i've been learning a lot. i visit places that are worth anywhere from $5 million to $1.2 billion dollars. i help these big-leaguers protect their businesses, and help keep property loss events as distractions rather than disasters. it's a fun job (if not frustrating with how much you have to learn, but heck i'm a nerd so that's part of the fun!)...

in OTHER news, well there's not much. times have been economically difficult. i thought it would all be like magic with this new job that pays better than my old job of running the wind tunnel lab at the University of California, Davis, but i've been paying off student loans, and my boyfriend was out of work for a long while (he recently got a job--yay!). so when i got the job, i bought a 360 and a new TV that CAME WITH A PS3 and an additional several hundred off the TV. alas, i had to sell them both.

well, i take that back. we sold the PS3 because we got the YLOD. sony is full of crud. we had it for 1.5 years and barely ever used it, and we kept it well ventilated and everything. design defect, not user error. we tried to repair it once using the heat gun method, but it didn't work. i don't think we were agressive enough, but took the heat gun back. money got tight so we put it up for sale for $75 w/working controller. what was fun was that we got offerred a trade for a working 360 (60GB) with MW2, and 2 wireless controllers. the 360 had a spring missing from the memory card faceplate and they had spilled coke all over the front, but the 360 was working fine and had never RRODed (verified by a local gamestop employee). my bf and i took the trade and spent 2 hours cleaning it, and engineer that i am, i remade the spring and the faceplate worked and looked like new! we ended up turning it over with 2 more controllers we had for $140! what a win for a bit of elbow grease :)

i've also taken it upon myself to start exercising a lot. my job has me climbing some awful ladders to get to the roofs of these buildings, and i didn't like feeling weak and tired especially since i'm somewhat scared of heights (and try going up to a 35 foot ceiling to look at the sprinklers on scissor lifts with your boss walking side to side in it!). so that's been good. haven't lost a lot of weight 'cause i eat too much junk, but my muscles are definitely working better!

that's my long rant. i had hoped to put up my college entrance essay, but i didn't feel like getting the box of old stuff out of my closet just yet. perhaps i'll post it up later.

thanks for stopping by! hope you didn't drool on your keyboard when you nodded off after my rambling :S

later gater ;)



Time has passed. Wow, a LOT of time!

I dunno if anyone who used to visit this page is even around anymore, and my bad for not keeping up on it :) This year has been super trying, but I think overall good when it's all said and done.

So I got that new job in September. I'm working as a field engineer for a property/business insurance company. Basically, I go to the businesses my company insures, and I serve as a risk consultant. I look at the various hazards they face that are inherent to their business that may cause physical damage to their building, or equipment, or things that may cause business downtime, and advise them on how to protect themselves.

This mostly has to do with fire protection, and I do a lot of analyses on automatic ceiling sprinklers to make sure that the sprinklers will provide enough water to control a fire that may occur with what they have. This may sound simple, but different materials burn with different intensities, and depending on how they're stored, if they're in racks up to 20 feet high, or piled up on the floor, will require different protections. Good stuff :P

Other stuff I look at is flammable liquids storage, equipment hazards, and finally natural hazards that can harm the business, like earthquakes and floods. I look at all these things and try to help my clients figure out where they can better protect themselves from a loss.

It's pretty fun, but it's physically exhausting 'cause I'm on my feet, walking and talking for 5-6 hour every visit (about 2 per week), and I get to climb onto roofs and stuff :lol:

So, on Tuesday it will be my 1-year anniversary with the company. Can't believe it's been that long, and that I'm still a noob with it! I have a lot of trouble writing reports, they take me like 4 days because of all the information I have to input, and the research I have to do since I don't know the information by heart on how to protect plastic storage in single row racks up to 25 feet in a 35 foot tall building!!!

Other stuff, I am not gaming as much, but I still want to. I am still playing City of Heroes, and we did get a PS3 and 360, but I never play those. With as much as I'm working, and as tired as I am when I'm done for the day, it's tough to invest in learning a new game :( I tried out the beta preview for Aion, but all it was were hunts up to lvl 5 or 6, and it got boring really fast. Not to mention the people playing were... um... "special" :P

I looked at Champions Online, since it's made by the makers of CoH, but every week it looks dumber and dumber. We'll see. I'm not sure about any PS3 or 360 games. I never finished Fable, maybe I'll pick that up again. I just got annoyed at how my chick looked like a freaking male after a while :P

So I hope you are all well, I'll try to browse your blogs this weekend and leave some comments.