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AC letters

i love animal crossing.  i have spent an embarrassing amount of time playing it while keeping 3 towns alive, each in different seasons, at the same time.  but what i possibly loved most was writing unsuspecting animals unique letters.  what's sad is how i'd crack up at my own letters when an animal would show them to another character of mine.  self-infatuated, you say?  sure, why not!

here's one of my favorites from memory:

wazzzzzzzup, Punchy!

i want a pony for christmas.  last year, i asked santa for an AK-47.  he didn't get me one.


mwa ha ha ha, *blondi*

what are your favorite AC letters?  share in the comments, but please, keep it clean!

dream a little dream of... a crazy psychopath?

today is a good day.  got sleep, coffee, my back is better, and it looks like i'll have time for video games this weekend!  and i don't have to go in to work today, i can work at home if i want to :D

last night i had a dream about a crazy psychopath who was holding a bundle of knives in one hand, and he was about to strike me, but i thwarted his initial attack.  i wasn't 100% successful, though, only knocking a few knives out of his hand, and the rest he pressed the serrated edge against my face and the hand i had up to protect me... we got into an altercation, and i finally got him with one of the knives he dropped in his abdomen...

finally, *finally* my friends pulled him away.  they dragged him outside to my patio and closed the sliding door.  then they all thought things were okay, i guess i wasn't that badly injured, just a few superficial cuts (relatively painful, though), so they left.  shortly after, through the slightly slit blinds, i saw his feet move.  then i saw his shadow moving toward the locked sliding door.  i frantically looked for my keys so i could leave, and then realized that that was the only door in my tiny apartment (not true in reality)... looking for a window to jump out of... when suddenly i heard him knocking, slowly... knock... knock... knock... while i couldn't see his face, i knew he had a crazed smile on. 

strangely enough, i could have sworn i woke up to a percussive knock. 

which made me think... sometimes, when startled awake, people have a dream that ends with the sound that wakes them up.  for me, that sound often plays a logical role in the dream.  but the sound is at the end of the dream, so how does your mind make up a dream incorporating something you don't know is going to happen?  does your dream come to you the moment the noise happens, filling your brain in the few miliseconds it takes for you to regain consciousness?

i just thought it was interesting.  luckily, i went back to sleep soon after, and slept like a baby the rest of the night :)

my dreams are usually so cinematic, very story oriented.  and i know what the dream means, it's nothing fancy.  it was just very interesting.

today is wednesday. just wednesday.

it feels like a week has past since this weekend, yet it feels like the work-week just started.  i hate it when time gets so distorted.

need more sleep.  coffee.  my back to get better.  more time to relax and play video games. 

this hasn't been the best week, i apologize if i've sincerely annoyed anyone. 

at least the weekend is a short disoriented time away :)