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Dragon Age Origins

Was just wondering if anyone knew how to get back into Lothering? I heard there is a way by editing the save game...but i dont know how....plz i need help...i dotn wanna start the whole game...again....

new internet

2day finally telstra has put in the new phone/internet line. it took them from january to get it fixed....WTH!!! i can undertand a few months lyk til may cause of the fires, but til now?? what is their problem???its not lyk they have only 5 people working in telstra! threatning telstra by telling them i will cahnge internet, and after a while of thinking bout it, it dosnt seem lyk a bad idea. iv looked around for good internet only providers, lyk iinet cause the ads are really kool, yes the ads. but does anyone know what other internet providers are there in australia?

Long time no post!!!!

lol...i knw its been a while....miss me????....anyone????

lol after having a massive massive time away from the PS3 and PC, (in korea), i am finally back in australia. I had 276 new emails...which is quiet something. Also when i got into it, half of it was from gamespot.

After looking into some of it, i noticed at E3 is out....and my internet is being a ...bum.....its so frekin slow its not funny. it take me 20 mins 2 load a 5 min video. i am not happy.....

I got to look at quiet a few games though. most games coming out is quiet something. and after watching, i noticed tat games are getting better and better. i wouldnt b suprised if viturality will b here in about 10 - 15 years time. but enough of me speaking like my nana, TO THE GAMES!!!!

Top 10 E3 Games....4 me...anyway

10. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Living Wepons Of Humanity

9. Alien VS Preadator.....yes....theres a new 1....finally!!!

8. God of War III

7. Darksiders

6. Prototype

5. Batman: Arksum Asylum....the only batman game so far i am interested in

4. Assassins Creed 2

3. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

2. Dues Ex 3


The R18+ laws

Just wondering, i wanna get a feel of what people think about this little prideciment thats happening now. i wanna just ask the question, what do people think about:

- the bill getting passed

- What are your thoughts about letting R18+ games into australia

- Why do u think this way (to the question above)

finally back

after moving for god knows how long....frekin aussie movers take so long!!!!!!!!i ahve finally movedinto my new house!!! 4got how long it took. but gosh its good 2 b back!

Crisis Core

hey does anyone ahve final fantsy: crisis core? also do u have a english patch for it? i ahve a psp 3000 so i dotn really knw wat 2 do......


after reading the game piracy thingo in gamespot, i just wanted to see what people think. do you think it piracy is good or bad, spoils the economy, is a stupid thing to do. i jsut wanna see what people have to say. any console.

going back 2morrow

going back 2 melbourne 2morrow. the flight is super early as, the flight off is at 10 and have 2 b at airport by 10. so sad. well i had a kick ass time back home, but i also miss the ps3 and pc. cant wait til i try skate 2 and afro samurai!

the few games i got on this holiday.

1: Afro Samurai

2: Skate 2

3: Final Fantasy crisis core

4: monster hunter freedom 2

5: valkine knights 2.... the biggest waste of my money.

6: PES 2009

new games 2 buy

hey just wondering, i wanna c like what new games 2 buy. thats out already. i wanna buy games 4 either PSP, PS3 or PC. Cheers