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Join the GTA Online and Max Payne 3 crew now "DOPEHEADZ" http://youtu.be/gpkJDgHgrQE we are both on xbox 360 and PS3

Going on vacation in 7 days...When GTAV comes out

Yea can I have more unluck with the date? I will be able to play 1-3 days after the GTA V launch, then i go away 1 week and no GTA V at all... I was close to say no to the vacation but no money for tickets if I don't go. So I have to... It's still a bit unluck and irritating  that not be able play real until sep 27...:roll::o:shock:

GTA V murder

http://youtu.be/4r-s0mYrwHM Take a look on the GTA V crew video

And... Join the K1LLUMINATI crew on GTA V now!

GTAV multiplayer will maybe be ruined!

If the hackers/cheaters destroy GTAV multiplayer experience like they have on GTAIV, RDR and specially Max Payne 3 I need to visit a mental hospital. No seriously I will be pissed of and maybe have to stop play it on multi, But if all people help eachother and report all the cheaters we come across it can work, but that day will never happen because pple are to damn lazy to do that. Anyway I hope for the best..

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD

Now it's time for me to visit the world of MGS again :) I downloading the HD version of MGS 2 and 3 now to xbox 360. First I was going to buy it to PS3 (MGS HD collection) but it said I needed 20gb space and I just wonder how the hell can the HD collection require 20gb free space!? Anyway now to 360 it's around 8 gb and that makes sense.


And MGS 3 followed with the first MGS (the twin snakes version) is the best MGS in the series. MGS 2 is one the last place.

Here is the list of all the MGS I have played and how good I think they are (first place = best etc)

1. MGS Twin Snakes and MGS 3 (on same place, yes I can't choose because both is best)

2. MGS 4 (singleplayer is good but multiplayer is very good indeed)

3. MGS 2 (yes nr 2 is not so good actally and I will not play it again on the HD version)


Hackers deserves no mercy

I hate hackers in general, no doubt but now I talk about hackers on Max Payne 3 - These cheaters ruin everything in this game. Max Payne 3 is the coolest and best game on multiplayer in my opinion, it's like a fat upgraded version of GTA in multiplayr where you can do so much more like customize and upgrade weapons etc and stuff - These cheaters are probably so damn bad, they sucks so much that they have to cheat in all kind of ways to have a chance to win, I mean if they not sucks why do they cheat? Maybe a few cheat to just piss of others - But most of these cockroaches do that to not suck to much. The problem is not one or two hackers - They are many of them and seems to get more of them too so  that's why I call them cockroaches, I guess I could understand if a couple was idiotic hackers but why so many?

I wonder how fun is it to play everywday and cheat? I mean how fun is it? They destroy and ruin the game for me and everyone else and what makes me sick is I think some of these cockroaches think they are a good players just because they get some points ... But the points they get is because they cheating.

I have reported one to Rockstar Games and he got banned but it's so many left t's littery harder to find someone who don't cheat than the cheaters. And I think many complains about ths subject but they don't do anything to stop them, if everyone helped eachoter to capture these on camera and report them to Rockstar it would not be many cockroaches left! But it's just a few try to stop them and it's not enough.

But anyway I think Rockstar is damn lazy about this! Sur they say they ban they who cheat and some have been banned but it's so many left so if Rockstar banned everyone of them they would lose almost all players, and some cheaters admit hey cheat in the game and that's a proof Rockstar i to damn lazy when it comes to this subject. And if they don't do something to show they show no mercy to cheaters even GTA V wil be a ruined game on multiplayer full with cockroaches. I wanna point out that Microsoft is also lazy about this so long they don't lose money. I mean have you tried to File someone because they tampering / cheat on xbox live anytime? Sure Microsoft don't tell you what action the take - If they take any against the filed player - But you can still see if the player you filed still play and cheat in a game - And they always do.

I have filed a complain one xbox live one time because he cheated, a couple friends filed him at the same time. WHat do you think happened? Nothing at all - He continued play and ruin the game, that just a proof when it comes to hacers in games they don't care. Microsoft would ban someone in one second if its someting they might lose money on, for example if someone use microsoft points they got from hacking  But no action against hackers who ruin already payed games. They serously, both Microsoft but all game devolopers and makers such as Rockstar need to do something now to show these hackers they can't do this shit anymore.

xbox one vs ps4

So far from the people i've heard think ps4 will be better. maybe... But anyway what console would you buy if both were out today?