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    playstation 4 today

    Today I got my PS4 and i bought Killzone to it. havnt played yet but plan do it tomorrow.. :)

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    Playstation 4 tomorrow

    Tomorrow I will get my pre ordered PS4 :) Awesome and much better than Xbox One!

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    I have not used this page on years now.. last year maybe a couple of times (i mean last 365 days) but however my plan is I will be...
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    Join the GTA Online and Max Payne 3 crew now "DOPEHEADZ" http://youtu.be/gpkJDgHgrQE we are both on xbox 360 and PS3

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    pre ordered PS4 yesterday

    maybe go to xbox one also but i wait with that.,, first ps4. but i stay on ps3 anyway because of GTA V...

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