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Merry Christmas!

this years chritmas gifts are/lego star wars PS2/age of empires II the conquerors PC/star wars trilogy:apprentice of the force GBA/

GBA over DS?

whould anybody honestly take GBA over the DS?i would say no.the GBA was good for its time i had a hard time letting it go my guess is other people did too.how long was the GBA out?5-6 years i sat there for maybe a half hour thinking about that and how the GBA games have stopped flowing i gave up right there i wanted a DS still do but im not running wild for one.i whould get 1 if i could but i cant.it seems sometimes the DS would be frustrating at times because of the double screen but the rest of the time you will be enjoyng the awesome gameplay so if any1 whould HONESTLY take the GBA over the DS drop a comment.


hi my name is zach i am 15.i love the game boy advanced sidescroller etc. i love spider-man favorite my villian is carnage.i have no real talents.so mail me for any suggestions or just to say hey.peace. wednesday,november,28th,2007 12:44am