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DMC a pleasant surprise!

Hello everyone,

I've been busy lately but here I am to share with you my thoughts on a game that I first wrote of as a failure.

Yeah you guessed it, it's DMC, the reboot of one of my favorite action franchises of all time. Back in 2010 when DMC was announced people said that the new Dante is just a giant miss but now when Capcom and Ninja Theory brought the demo to E3 2012 everyone shut up.

Dante strikes a pose from DM3 Cover

The art direction, character design, world design, music, effects have all been changed from the good ol' Devil May Cry series. Guess what happened next... Yeah, DMC still kept the feel and gameplay and fans can't be happier. The new trailer and demo really showed the differences between the older entries in the series and this reboot version. It's just so fresh and sleak. Take a look at the new trailer called "The Order":


It's sick! Right?

They gave me back my faith in this game with the demo and the new content shown in this trailer so a I'm very grateful. Tell me if you feel the same way about this or just write your comments about these DMC news and content.

Deus Ex HR - Still hoping for a Complete Edition

Hi everyone.

Today I was sitting in my room.

Adam's apartment

The more I think back at the days and months I played Deus Ex Human Revolution, more I realize how much effort and passion went into making it. I was amazed with the story and the gameplay as well. There were a few mistakes on my first playthrough so I just had to play it from begining to end 2 more times to get the Pacifist and Foxiest Of The Hounds achievements, but it wasn't a pain, not even for a moment.

PacifistFoxiest Of The Hounds (clever MGS pun)

Sadly, I never had the chance to play The Missing Link DLC because I don't have Wi-Fi in my XBox360 and I don't have a XBL account to donwload it. I just wish there was a complete edition for people like me, or if they made a few more DLCs and bundled them in one pack that I could get on one disc.

The Missing Link DLC

Oh well, that will probably never happen. If it does, I will be really pleased and would by it day one.;):D

If some of you are interested in my full review of Deus Ex Human Revolution check it out here.


How about a Final Fantasy VIII or IX HD?

Hi guys, I have an interesting question for you. Would you like a Final Fantasy VIII or IX remastered in full HD?

I'm not advertising it, it's not even a plan at Square-Enix to make one. But wouldn't it be great to see those epic stories, play those epic battles in Full HD?

Most of the younger or new gamers just heard of Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy IX but probably most of them didn't play them. It's a shame because the stories and the whole battle systems and upgrade systems are more innovative than today's blockbuster titles. I like these games so much that I want my future kids to have a chance to play and enjoy the awesome experience that is Final Fantasy in it's glory days. I just don't have a clue how to make Squre-Enix realize this dream of us oldschool gamers.

I just hope that someone at Squre will have a brainstorm and get the big idea, that is to bring the best Final Fantasy titles to the new generation of gamers.

I know that FFVIII and FFIX are released on PSN but they are not remakes or remastered editions, they are the original games. I think that only Full HD would do these epic JRPGs justice.

What do you think?

DMC reboot needed or not?

This is a topic that's been bugging me since it was first announced. First of, if you didn't see the announcement trailer here you go:


Yeah, I was shocked too.

There's been an uproar from the fans of Devil May Cry series because the new protagonist doesn't even resemble Dante, except the bloody red leather coat. There is nothing wrong with rebooting a franchise that is going in the wrong direction or off the cliff, but making a new game with a clean slate when everything was fine and appreciated in the first place is just nonsense.

You could say that it was decided so it would appeal to the Western crowd, but that would be a wrong argument because the series was a big hit world wide. Changing the developer seems to be a mistake too, right? Well yes, mainly because Ninja Theory doesn't have the necessary experience with Devil May cry's gameplay and stylish action, the other reason is that Capcom was doing an awesome job with the series to begin with.

Now down to the gameplay, this part looks promising but I'm probably just optimistic for the sake of Devil May Cry's history. In the trailer you can see that when Dante uses devil trigger he's hair turns white so there is hope that by unlocking Super Dante Mode you will be able to play as the Dante you so dearly loved. The action is looking alright and the environments are descent. Don't forget that it's all work-in-progress. In case you missed the E3 gameplay trailer here it is:


So, did you like it or did you have a heartattack seeing your loved franchise being ruined? What are your thoughts on this one?

Traditions of JRPGs neglected

I thought I should write a few words on the revolution of RPGs that is turning JRPGs in the wrong direction.

First of all, there are millions of gamers that fell in love with the good old Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, Legend Of Dragoon, Shin Megami series and so on... I am one of those millions. My heart is breaking apart when I see that all the good stories and gameplay elements are being left behind and all the world is getting oriented towards Western style RPGs especially FPRPGs.

Most successful Japanese companies became famous for their masterpieces. Those masterpieces formed a new genre that was called JRPG. The real joy of these games was the story and the universe that the games were created in with all the epic scenes and places, second the battle system, third all the magic. Today most of the same developers and publishers either don't exist anymore or are oriented towards Western audiences leaving us JRPG fans in the dust with our ideals of RPG gaming.

Square-Enix fell into the same trap of creating a Final Fantasy that would appeal to the Western audience and found that people didn't like it that much. That's right, you guessed it, I'm talking about Final Fantasy XIII. The jumping in the story from timeline to timeline is just something that western TV series do, it shouldn't be in a JRPG because the story is just hard to follow. The other thing is that you control only one member of the team, all JRPG fans will agree when I say that it is a bad decision. The battle system would have been better left like it was back in FFVII or FFVIII with the introduction to additions (combos with button prompt) from Legend Of Dragoon, or making the battle system the way it works in the gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Ok, enough about FFXIII, I could write some more suggestions on making the next FF game better.

I think I made my point on the matter, stating it loud and clear:

JRPGs are made of epic stories, epic battles, epic characters, epic worlds and breathtaking and sometimes tearful endings. All of it with a party of characters declaring war against their fate.

What are your opinions and thoughts on this matter?