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Misses Silent Hill

Busy time. Man~ I miss gaming day.

The other day, went to watch Silent Hill: Revelation. Seem like ages I been to a movie.

After finished the movie, really make me miss Silent Hill a lot.

The dept of the story telling, inspire me.

Another thing, I still yet to get a copy of Silent Hill: Downpour.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Poster

Diablo III

With Diablo III released. Games releasing around this period maybe neglected.

Well anyway, got your copy already? :D

As Diablo said, "Hello girls, I'm back to steal your boyfriends." Hehe

Diablo III Boxshot

The Way of 2D still rock!

Amazing, I am really impress with this two current release.
Sonic Generations & Rayman Origins.

Sonic Generations Boxshot Rayman Origins Boxshot

This two titles is still have my interest to follow up or so. But the release this time really did well.

Firstly Sonic Generations. I am still a Sonic's fan, but I don't have high hope for his any upcoming game(s). This time round, I am so relief this series turn out better like I expected. Sonic is running high again. :D
Video Review>

I didn't notice it have a Collector's Edition. With recent disappointment, I didn't expect they are going to have any of it. It really make me happy. I really want to have it, because there is a lot of Sonic's goodies. But they only have it in PAL version. I know there isn't region lock, but I just want to unified my collection that's all. I have become a picky in collecting stuff, so it's just me ok. :?

Sonic Generations

Secondly Rayman Origins. I played Rayman (the first) & Rayman 2. Rayman 2 was released at the converting to 3D (gameplaywise) era. So a lot of games went 3D, so did Rayman. I played it and it was fun but I have no interest in finishing it. Then came the Raving Rabbids, and they outshine Rayman. Lol. :lol:
Finally this, Origins.
My first thought, Origins? I played the first series and it was what it all started. There're even before that? And another blue character? Anyway, it isn't important. Seeing this game turned out great. I am going to get this for sure.
Video Review>

Lastly the end this post.
It was really great to hear they did well for this series for this two. I am going to buy them, but not any time soon. One of the reason, I posted in previous entry, so I'm skipping that. Another reason also in one of my previous post. Games in this gen really release edition and edition. So I am going to give it some time, before regreting again and again.

Cheers to 2D side scrolling. Thumbs Up. ;)

Few games only, yet no time.

Just feel like need to update something.
Level 33 - Gommbella, 33%.

I only bought a few games these few months. New titles games they are Catherine and Uncharted 3.

Catherine Boxshot Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Boxshot

Of course, I had completed Catherine but not yet Platinum. This current period really busy for me and there was release Uncharted 3 and I couldn't concernate playing it. My friends already completed UC3 in a day and today I am still at chapter 8 or 9... I think.

I also borrow Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from my friend, also today still left 2 and a half chapters to go. Wow, I really using longer time to finish a game.

The another game I wanted to buy is Silent Hill: Downpour. But it was postpone, there is good and bad side to it. Bad - don't get to play it. Good - I already have a few games at hand have to finish first. I may not have high hope for it, but if I get to play it also good enough, hopeful better than the previous series which I don't want to say which one.

Silent Hill: Downpour Boxshot Silent Hill HD

The reason Konami postponed both SH: Downpour & SH: HD Collection was because they were trying to avoid the major titles release at the same time. I am thinking, Hello, it make no different and for me myself that is one of the only few games I'm aimming to buy. I can't buy SH: Downpour but doesn't I will buy those major titles. I'm not saying the other major titles are bad, they just not my kind of game.
Also hope they add SH4 into SH: HD Collection since there is time. I know it's less possible, but I will be freaking happy if they did.

Damn, I am whiney in this entry.

Peter Parker Dead?

Surprise at first, but the Peter Parker who died was Ultimate Spider-Man, not Amazing Spider-Man. Though I'm not Ultimate universe fan, but it's still a big climax.

*Uncle Ben: You did good, Kid.

Catherine - Love Is Over Deluxe Edition

Alright update. Level 32 - Snake Eater, 6%.

Did some browsing and came across Catherine which have 3 kind of edition. Standard, Alternate Artbox and "Love is Over" Deluxe Edition (Blog title).

Firstly, not bad. They're giving soundtrack disc and artbook as a package. (Any edition)

Another edition is the alternate boxart (Left) hmmm... ok. Wanted to get that because it's different. When got to see it, it just a close up of the standard cover. I rather choose to see more of it than a close up. (Nothing naughty about that) The real alternate art only between PS3 and X360.

Then there is Deluxe Edition (Right). First thought: "GOTTA GET THAT!" I'm sucker for "special" edition. Went to have a look on the bundle. Really cute and interesting.

- Pizza box (which is to contain the whole bundle)
- T-shirt (with the print of life gauge running empty)
- Boxers (the same one which Vincent wear in the game)
- Pillow case (at first I have no idea what was that, but when thinking about the game theme)

Continue browsing, there's a forum talking about the bundle. Initial comments there were not so good about it, like saying it's crappy.

I don't care about it at first, but thinking about it. The game box still the standard one, unlike steelbox. The bundle kind of taking up my space. My space really limited, I already have a lot of comics, mangas, books, VCDs, DVDs, Game Discs, action figures and upcoming Blu-Ray discs. I need some good keeping spaces for my stuff, I can't leave it unprotected or not covered. So reducing my collection and getting more picky in my collection, I can't just buy anything I'm sucker to.

Sometime I regret too. Throwing away is a waste, selling will either nobody want it or only gets a low price. Then again, if I regret this bundle. I still can wear them. I will not sell or throw them away at least.

Well, there is still time before it release. If I'm getting the deluxe edition, I have to decide earlier because might need to pre-order it.

Why everything have to become shooter? (RE topic)

This said the latest Resident Evil game. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, is a Sci-Fi shooter game. I guess it just a matter of time RE become Shooter focus.

I really seen a lot of game just to make it multi-players, they become shooter or near shooter. Like Silent Hill and Tomb Raider going that direction. The Marvel vs Capcom 3 also have a majority gun shooter characters. Haiz

Except for RPG, is there no way to make it multi-player other than be shooter genre? :?

RE: Operation Raccoon City takes place RE2 and RE3. News that Leon is in there. (what about Claire?) Anyway, the usable characters are from either team Umbrella Security Service or United States Special Operations task-force. Addition in storyline is Leon's life depends on our decision. (even he did survive)

Another RE title, Resident Evil: Revelation (3DS). Same gameplay as RE4 and RE5, the timeline is in between RE4 and RE5. They almost tip toward shooter too. At least they are survival horror "then" with shooter. My problem for this is that I have to get myself a 3DS. :) Sadly not anytime soon. :(

Speaking of RE4. Celebrating RE's 15th anniversary. RE4 and RE Code Veronica X will be coming to PS3 and Xbox360. If I'm not wrong, they might be Downloadable games.

Lastly another RE topic. I'm looking forward to the latest CG film. Resident Evil: Damnation, the sequel to RE: Degeneration. Yes, Leon again. :P
Coming out next year.

My First New Games In 2011

First Two new games I bought in 2011.

Already playing them for these few days.

(Left) Hyperdimension Neptunia (Premium Edition)
I don't have a nicer way to say this. Got sucker to buy this. This game is just for laugh, worth renting but not buying. If you get read the background story of this game is kind of funny. The funny is more of the inside joke that make up the game than the game story itself.

So have to finish this game and sell it while it is still new. But I hate my fussy part is that. The trophies list will still be there. I checked out in the web, there isn't any function to remove it unless using a third party software. What up with Sony don't allow us to delete our trophies? :?

(Right) Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Special Edition)
Disappointment aside. At least MvC3 is great! The combos are easier to do then Street Fighter IV. (Note: easier doesn't mean easy) The story still cheesy, but it is a crossover. They can go as crazy as they like. :P

I am running out of PS3 games to play. Sure there are a lot and upcoming games. Really not to my interest. Also I don't want to be to desperate and getting some games I don't like, even its good. (everyone have their different taste). Well, the list from my pervious entry still have a few to look forward. That will hold me for awhile. :)