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New games

got fnr4 and my review is in check it out also expect a god father part 2 review soon just got the platinum trophie for it so ya also talk it up.

hello evry one!!

im back wow lots of new games for my beloved ps3 and well game r all i got in theese awful time north korea threating to blow us up and m.j died iran going to hell and many more things! makes me just enjoy life and games more and i havent posted a review in a while well im getting fnr4 soon so look forward to my review zouhou out!

whos pumped for gta4 i am!!

hey u guys gta4 is right around the corner i prordered and i cant wait also just to let u guys no a new gta4 trailer will be coming march 27th so ya


have u guys noticed that gs is rating hard these days u no stranglehold kane and lynch mass effect and many others im just sayin u no message me back tell me wat u think