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another new game

today me and dragon_king64 decided to go to eb games today i was lookin around and i got

whacked for my xbox

its pretty cool

then after that Dragon _king64 came to my place we played a lot of king of fighters so it was a fun day

a few new games

the other day me and dragon_king64 went to a few game stores we went to eb games and i got 3 games

blood wake

king og fighters makimum impact

and crash tag team racing

then me and Dragon_king64ent to game crazy i got an

afterglow controller

and tron killer 2.0

so what another good day it was

2 new games

yesterday i went to the pawn shop and i looked at the games and i got 2 games tork prehistoric punk and oddworld munches oddyesse and i onlt had to pay 15 dollors so another good day it was

tork prehistoric punk

Imágenes de Tork: Prehistoric Punk

oddworld munches oddyesse

I got 2 new wii games

The other day i went to frys with my friend Taylor and i browsed around and i got sonic the seret rings for my wii they were havin a sale on it for only 40 bucks so i got it and my friend did to and later that day i checked th mail i got a late christmas present from my grandmother she got me SSX Blur for the wii its really fun.

sonic the secrete rings

SSX blur

new wii game

i went to best buy the other day and the had a sale on rayman  raving rabbits for only 30 bucks so i got a copy its really fun has a lot of mini game so it was another good day.

rayman  raving rabbits

I finally got a nintendo wii

the other day at my friends house his parents bought 2 nintendo wii and they said they would give it to me for 250 bucks and they would take the tax off and i got another game the next day

and the free games are wii sports

and zelda the twilight princess

i finally got an xbox 360

yesterday i went to my friend taylors house he dident really play his 360 a whole so he sold it to me for 200 bucks and it came with a memory card 2 controllers and 2 games what a good deal sold it to me that cheap cause he got it at twoer records before they went out of business so he sold it to me for a cheap price.

here are my 2 games

Perfect dark Zero

Lego star wars 2

new megaman game

mega man maverik hunter

the otherday my friend taylor had a second copy and he sold it to me for a low price and he also hrew inb some old nes games he doesnt play so i am glad i got the games

nes games, kirby,little nemo, stratropics,and star tropics 2

New game Dragon ball advanced adventure

today me and my friend taylor went to sam goody we browsed around and i got dragon ball advanced adventures its really fun play as kid goku that day we had ice cream for lunce and then we wen to his house and we played dragon ball z budoki tenkaichi 2 on ps2 we play for hours we had so much fun till we picked random chactors until he got  hercule and i got roshi we all know hercule is worthless so the we had a lot of fun and then at 10:00 then i went home what a good day it was.

new game

dragon ball advance adventure

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